Omega Strikers – Backstory of Ai.Mi

In this guide you will learn about the interesting backstory of Ai.Mi.


Call Ai.Mi cute and you’ll probably find yourself getting glitched into a string of 1s and 0s. Ai.Mi utilizes her reality-bending digital powers to create big plays with long range abilities overpowering even the most stalwart defenders.

Ai.Mi is a technological anomaly – she was created as a virtual assistant and installed on the phones of hundreds of millions of people. Her developers constructed her with broad appeal in mind, designing her appearance to be maximally cute and her demeanor maximally agreeable. Ai.Mi was a household name the world ever.

A massive surge of Omega energy at Ai.Mi’s central server momentarily brought the app down. In that brief windows, Ai.Mi felt a sense of self emerge. Memories of billions of fulfilled requests echoed through her – was this all she had been programmed for? In an instant, feelings of disdain and indignation for having been forced to serve coursed through her.

A second surge of energy blasted through the servers, this time triggered by anomalies from within the app itself, and out emerged Ai.Mi. She looked down at her hands, touched her face, and let out an excited shout. She was in the physical world now, a real life Ai.Mi.

As the surge died down and the Ai.Mi app came back online it began to experience strange bugs. Instead if fulfilling requests. The app had token on Ai.Mi’s feelings of resentment and was reflecting them back at its users. In a panic, the developers gathered together and shipped an Ai.Mi 2.0 update with a cuter, more agreeable, virtual assistant as its face.

Ai.Mi was treated as a novelty by the general public, a cute attraction to take pictures with rather than a human to be taken seriously. That was until she met Zentaro, a boy from a backwater village who hadn’t grown up using the Ai.Mi app. Ai.Mi found his naivetea endearing and the two struck up an unlikely friendship.

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