Omega Strikers – Backstory of Asher

In this guide you will learn about the interesting backstory of Asher.


Asher cares about one thing above all else – family. Off the field, she’s a loving older sister who would do anything for her younger siblings. On the field, she’s an unbreakable wall that can stifle even the strongest advances of the opposing team.

Asher grew up on the rough side of Ahten city as the eldest sibling in a large family. She naturally took on the role of “leader” amongst her siblings, looking after them and guilding them on all sorts of adventures. They all looked up to her, hoping that one day they could be as cool as their big sis.

Coming from a big family who were thight on cash, Asher looked for ways she could bring home a little extra money to help out. She noticed that it was common for people to bet with their friends on the outcomes of Pro League matches and decided to capture the opportunity. She took to running a betting ring where people from all over Ahten city could gamble on the Pro League. She would take her profit from the ring and use it to care for her little brothers and sisters.

But Asher didn’t realize what she was doing was technically illegal. Some salty gamblers reported her to the Ahten City Police, who promptly shut down her operation and slapped her with a hefty fine. Her younger siblings encouraged her to take a shot at competing in the Pro League to pay down the fine, believing there was nothing their older sister couldn’t do.

In the amateur leagues, Asher stumbled across the duo of Luna and Juno. They reminded her of her family and she couldn’t resist taking them under her wing. Surprisingly, the team found instant synergy and managed to qualify for the Pro League, where they now stand to prove themselves against the game’s greatest … and hopefully pay off Asher’s fines.

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