Omega Strikers – Backstory of Drek’ar

In this guide you will learn about the interesting backstory of Drek’ar.


Even the boldest strikers in the Pro League are intimidated by Drek’ar. His tactical playstyle can foil the best laid plans. When Drek’ar cloaks into invisibility, every striker knows it’s only a matter of time before he’s blasting them, or their team, out of the arena.

Drek’ar is a seasoned soldier – he was raised in a militaristic alien society focused exclusively on expansion. He took part in dozens of invasions, conquering planet after planet for his generals’ empire. While he was proud of his people and their achievements, Drek’ar never quite felt right about this conquest. There was something unsettling about it all – was acting as a tool for the empire all he was good for?

During one of these invasions in a solar system close to Earth’s, Drek’ar’s transport pod malfunctioned. He was thrown off course and crash-landed onto Earth. He tried to reestabilish contract with his fleet, but found that his communication devices had been damaged in the crash and would require serious repairs. He was left stranded on an alien world.

Drek’ar came into contact with humans and was seen as an extraterrestrial threat, a creature to be feared. But one saw him differently – Atlas was fascinated by Drek’ar. He taught Drek’ar human language, culture, and customs, among which was playing Corestrike. Drek’ar experienced “play” for the sake of fun, something that felt exhilaratingly alien to him. He admired humans and respected their focus on play rather than conquest and domination. Drek’ar stopped attempting to repair his communicator and resolved to stay on Earth.

Humans haven’t been so quick to accept Drek’ar. Many still view him as a threat, a dangerous invader plotting nefarious schemes. After he qualified for the Pro League, many called for him to be banned from the game. But Drek’ar soldiers on, hoping that one day the world may accept him.

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