Omega Strikers – Backstory of Dubu

In this guide you will learn about the interesting backstory of Dubu.


Big, round, and ready to hold the line against whatever the opposing team may throw at him, Dubu is the friend-shaped defender that every striker wants on their team. His ability to block off large portions of the arena is unmatched.

Dubu’s origins are unclear. Juliette found him as a small creature, shuffling around for food in a back-alley dumpster. She took him inside a soondubu restaurant owned by her grandmother’s friend and fed him a block of tofu. He scarfed the block up and Julliete happily fed him more, and more, and more. She affectionately named him “Dubu”, after the tofu he loved to eat.

Over time, Dubu grew to massive size, soon towering over Julliete. He followed Julliete everywhere she want – waiting outside of her classrooms at school, helping at her work at the soondubu shop, and playing alongside her on the Corestrike fields. Dubu took to his role as Julliete’s protector, defending her from older kids that would try and bully her, steal her equipment, or beat her up on the field. Dubu viewed this as a small token of appreciation for everything Julliete had done for him.

Together, the two grew strong and rose up the ladders of the amateur leagues. Their ascension was noticed by a business mogul looking to make the next great Pro League team. He made Juliette an offer to join his team, but she wasn’t going anywhere without Dubu. Reluctantly, the mogul agreed and put the two on a team together with EstelleDubu is excited to help Juliette accomplish her dream of becoming a Pro League champion, but deep down he wonders if he will ever learn more about who he is and where he comes from.

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