Omega Strikers – Backstory of Era

In this guide you will learn about the interesting backstory of Era.


Ask any striker in the Pro League who they´d want at theit back, and most will say “Era“. Having honed her supportive capabilities from a young age, Era can turn the tide of the match by enhancing the speed, size, and strenght of her teammates. Although she shuns the spotlight, no striker doubts her power.

As a child Era used her unique abilities to toy with those around her sapping the strenght of other children who challenged, questioned, or upset her. After an accident involving her powers and an annoying classmate, Era was treated as an outcast by those around her. To avoid causing more harm, Era decided to keep to herself.

On the Corestrike fields, Era found an unlikely friend in Kai. Undeterred by her reputation, Kai invited Era to play on his team, so long as she used her powers to buff his speed and strength. The two became a dominant duo, with Era supporting and Kai claiming the spotlight. She grew attracted to Kai and fehlt indebted to him for seeing her as a friend, not a freak.

Years later, the two remain close friends. Kai had made a stunning entrance into the Pro League but had failed to defeat the long-time champion Estelle in the finals. He called on Era to join his team and with her abilities at his back, managed to take the championship from EstelleKai basked in the spotlight while Era kept to herself, hoping to build up the courage to talk to Kai about her feelings.

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