Omega Strikers – Backstory of Juliette

In this guide you will learn about the interesting backstory of Juliette.


To reach the pinnacle of the Pro League – that’s Juliette’s dream. Juliette’s passion for Corestrike blazes like an infectious conflagration, spreading to all she encounters. She’s a flexible contender whose agile yet powerful playstyle lets her put heavy pressure on opposing defenses.

Juliette was raised in the streets of Ahten city by her grandma. From a young age Juliette had one passion: to someday play in the Pro League alongside her idol, Estelle. As soon as she was old enough to smack the core, Juliette trained herself to be the best. She played in back-alley pickup leagues with strikers far her senior in the hopes that she could grow her skills more quickly. More than a few times that meant hobbling home, cut and buised, after a tough match.

To help take care of her elderly grandma, Juliette took to working at the local soondubu shop. One day when talking out the trash, she discovered a small, hamster-like creature in the dumpster. She took the creature out and fed it some tofu. To her surprise, it couldn’t get enough and ate block after block. She affectionately named him “Dubu” and the two became insperarable.

Dubu quickly grew to a massive size and joined Juliette on the Corestrike fields. Her fiery and relentless playstyle was complimented by Dubu’s solid defense, and the two began to dominate the amateur leagues. Eventually, the rising duo caught the eye of a wealthy mogul looking to make the next great Pro League team. He saw Juliette’s insatiable hunger and believed she had the potential to become the world’s next big star.

Now, Juliette steps out onto the field alongside her heroes. But her goal is not merely to join the Pro League. She intends on becoming the best, no matter what it takes.

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