Omega Strikers – Backstory of Juno

In this guide you will learn about the interesting backstory of Juno.


An enigmatic yet adorable visitor from space, Juno brings a one-of-a-kind playstyle to the field. Her semi-sentient blobbos can be placed all over the field and work together to help Juno score, creating plays that leave opponents wondering what in the world just happened.

Juno comes from deep space, but beyond that little is known of her story. During a stunning New Year’s fireworks show, she crash landed onto the roof of Luna’s laboratory. Luna named her Juno and built her a suit to more easily hold a human form. Luna, ecstatic at the thought of having a younger sister, tried to teach Juno everything she could. She showed her the human basics – how to walk, talk, and play Corestrike.

Juno approached the world with a timid curiosity, never quite knowing what new experience would come next. While the colors, sounds, and sensations of Ahten city could be overwhelming at times, Juno grew a fondness for the human world. She especially enjoyed the spectacle of Corestrike — the speed, energy, and sense of excitement were unlike anything she had witnessed before. She hoped that by playing it she could experience a bit of what it’s like to be human.

Luckily, Juno’s natural form lent itself well to the game. When Asher decided to pick her and Luna up to form a team, Juno stunned the crowd with her otherworldly abilities. In the Pro League, Juno continues her journey. While she’s still trying to learn what exactly being “human” means, she knows she loves her new home and family very much.

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