Omega Strikers – Backstory of X

In this guide you will learn about the interesting backstory of X.


X lives by a simple motto: “let’s get excessive!”. He dominates the field with an unparalleled raw strength, using nothing more than his bare hands to send opponents flying from the arena. While he may not be the most mobile, in a close quarters brawl there is no striker quite as powerful as X.

X had a tough childhood. His father was absent and his mother left him and his older brother alone to raise themselves. X’s older brother would treat him like an annoying nuisance, but to X his big bro was the coolest guy in the world. X mimicked everything about him, styling his hair and fashion off of his brother’s eccentric tastes.

At school, X was often picked on for this weird style, and became the butt of jokes and insults. X could tolerate his classmates insulting him, but when they began to bring his brother into it, he decided to stand up for himself. X got into a fight with a group of six classmates and came out on top. After that day, no one dared insult his style, at least to his face.

Naturally, X’s physical prowess found him a place on the Corestrike fields. He became feared throughout the amateur leagues – no striker wanted to square up against him 1v1. Despite amateur succes, Pro League teams shield away from X, believing his eccentricities would make him an unmanageable teammate. In a surprise move, the manager of Kai’s team decided to pick X up, believing his synergy with Era would be worth the risk.

Now X takes his fists to the Pro League. He’s tired of fighting opponents who use tech, magic, or tricks to avoid fighting him fair and square. More than winning, X cares about finding a worthy opponent – someone who can match stand up to him in a brawl and is just as stylish as he is. Maybe that’s eccentric, but after all, he is X.

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