Omega Strikers – How to Claim Twitch Drops

Idiot-proof (I hope) guide to unlocking your Twitch Drops for Omega Strikers.

How to Claim Twitch Drops for Omega Strikers

Step 1: Go to Twitch

Go to (the website) and log-in. Don’t give your password to strangers. Click on your display pic/account on the top right and then click on the Drops item in the drop-down menu.

Step 2: Go to Drop page

Find the Omega Strikers section and then click “About This Drop”.

You’ll be taken to a new webpage, Remain calm, that’s meant to happen.

Step 3: Get your Drop code/coupon

You should be at, the page will take a hot minute to load but there should be a big tick over your drop.

Click on the tick and you’ll get a big long string of characters, that’s your in-game code, Ctrl+C to copy.

Step 4: Open the game

Open Omega Strikers and go to “Store”.

Step 5: Enter the code

In the bottom right there should be a “Coupon” button. Click it and then paste your code (Ctrl+V).

Congrats, you got your Twitch Drop. If it’s not working contact the devs or any strangers you gave your account details to, not me.

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