OMORI – Flower and CD Guide

This is a day by day guide focusing on obtaining every CD and flower within the real world sections of Omori. As well as most of the optional achievements that are obtainable along the way.


This guide will guide you through the real world sections of the game, getting most of the achievements while we focus on the flower and CD requirements. While there are other guides out there, I wanted to try to provide an all in one guide for these sections, focusing on everything. This is a step by step guide based by day to make sure you do not miss anything. I will not be covering the chores or teeth brushing achievements, as these are better done in the Hikkikomori route. Finally, I will not be covering the fight with Recyclepath but will say when the optimal time to fight him is. Please comment if something is wrong or if you have any clarifying information or questions.

Flowers Overview

While CDs are an immediate award, you will not be able to see which flowers are given to you until the very end of the game. For that reason, this guide will be slightly overly cautious to make sure that all flowers are given. It worked for me so I want to make sure it works for you too. There are sixteen total flowers. Please notice the specific times listed. I will say day or morning if it must be done early, or evening if it must be done later. These are ordered based on when the quests are available to start.

  • The first flower is from Kel, he is automatically given.
  • Aubrey’s gang of hooligans is another automatically unlocked flower.
  • Helping the old lady get her medication on the first day will give you her flower.
  • Kim and Vance’s mom will give you a flower for finding her shears outside on the first day.
  • By beating the Hobbeez employee at pet rocks at any time will give you his flower. Just to be safe I would beat the secret champ as well.
  • Tutoring Brent on the first day will give you a flower. I believe it only has to be done once, but interact with him on the second day if you want to be cautious.
  • Same goes for Joy, but I would not only help her on the second day, but do the fetch quest with her father on the third day.
  • Sean and Karen must be helped on the first day in Fix-It. Then on the third day help them cook before the party. Finally, going to the party on the third evening should get assure their flower.
  • Mincy must be interacted with TWICE A DAY. This requires a morning and evening interaction for her flower.
  • Helping the American Guy find his remote during the first and third day, and the second evening gets his family’s flower.
  • Once a day, helping the Artist gets you her flower.
  • Watching the Pipe Man fix his leak and supporting him every day will get you his flower.
  • Helping the dad in Hobbeez on the first evening, then going to his son’s birthday party on the second evening earns you their flower.
  • Helping Sarah’s dad get his wedding ring back on the first evening, then talking to both her parents on the second evening is all that is required.
  • Going to the Mavrick’s house on the second evening and playing with his siblings gives their flower.
  • Finally, on the second evening, talking to the lady outside on Basil’s street and completing her quest for a floor lamp gives her flower.

That is it! This is just a general overview to keep in mind prior to starting to know when specific people are available to help.

CD Locations

While this guide focuses on a step by step guide to getting every CD, I thought it would be informative to say approximately when we get each one, and how to do so.

  • Hobbeez sells five CDs for $10 each. Can be done at any time but this guide will focus on getting these on the first day.
  • Talk to the poster in Hobbeez on day one, it drops a CD.
  • Beating the Hobbeez worker with your pet rock nets another CD. Again available at any time.
  • Work the pizza job at least once. There is no standard for this and it can be done whenever.
  • On the evening of the second day, the cat will give you the broken arcade piece. Fixing the machine with this in Gino’s will give you a CD.
  • During the first two days, giving the musician outside of Gino’s $30 will give you his CD on the last day.
  • Watching the Pipe man in Fix-It try to fix a leak in his house every day will net you a CD on the third day.
  • By collecting trash wherever you see it and giving it to the old lady in the park will also give you a CD. For me this was accomplished near the end of the morning on the third day.
  • Finally, on the evening of the third day the cat will give you the last CD if you fed it twice a day every day.

That is all thirteen! There is some wiggle room but this is the approxiamte order that you should be getting each of the CDs if you do them as soon as you can.

Basic Info

While this guide will focus on what to do on each day as opposed to individual achievements, there are a few things to keep in mind.

  • There are thirteen different CDs
  • If all is done correctly, at the end of the game you will have sixteen flowers
  • In order to accomplish this money will be important. I suggest doing every job on the first and second day to make sure we can afford everything we need.
  • Trash is very important. One of the CDs can be easily missed by not picking up enough trash during the earlier days. This guide assumes you will be picking up trash whenever you see it.
  • Do not forget to feed the cat. he is responsible for neting you two CDs. I will say where he is and when to feed him, but it is a good idea to always have a few fish ready just in case.
  • Save frequently! Whenever you see a picnic I would suggest saving to avoid losing any progress in the off chance of a crash. It would also be beneficial to make a separate save at the first opportunity on each day. This way you can load back if anything was accidentally missed.

With all that in mind, let us get started towards some of the easiest achievements to miss in Omori!

Three Days Left, Day

When you first awake, heading out of your room will surprise you with a knock at the door. Opening this will be our good buddy Kel! This is necessary to be on the correct route for these achievements. Shut ins cannot collect CDs. After heading outside there will be many optional activities we must accomplish today. First thing’s first, we are going to head to Hobbeez to get Hero his gift.

  • Here is where many of the optional achivities begin. After buying Hero’s gift, you will be offered a discounted pet rock, buy it. More on that in just a moment.
  • IMMEDIATELY after, talk to the poster on the far right wall in the back. This will prompt a mini fight, but it is a pushover. Not only that, but it will give you your first CD! I have been told that this is only available on day one, so make sure to do this ASAP just in case.
  • This is a tedious one but it gets you both a flower, CD, and its own achievement. Since you bought the pet rock, you should equip it as if it was a charm in the dream world. This will showcase an indicator of who you can duke it out with. The Hobbeez guy will send you out to fight others. Go around town and win as many as you can. You do not have to defeat everyone, but win any that you see. After enough wins you will see the pet rock indicator over the Hobbeez owner’s head. Now he will tell you of the four local champs to fight. They are in Gino’s, Othermart candy shop, and Fit-It. The fourth is actually the Hobbeez man himself! Upon beating him you will get his CD, but we are not done yet. The very best around awaits you in the back of Othermart. Beat them for an achievement and a cool hat. NOTE: This does not have to be done now but I suggest that you do it sooner rather then later. Every necessary person is available during the day, but I hit a snag in my initial playthrough where the candy shop champ was not available during the evening.
  • Now it is job time. There is a multitude of achievements for this, but it will also give us the money we need for today. I suggest starting at Fix-It as it is easy, then working in the fish shop.
  • After these two are done, I suggest saving and then working at the pizza place. There is an achievement for not messing up once in this job, and you only get one try a day so you should load back if you fail this. Working at Gino’s will also net you another CD. This job can be very annoying as the handwriting they give you is intentionally horrible. Luckily it looks a lot like my own, so it was not the worst thing in the world. The notes I got were “this pizza goes to the house that has the dog house and the light brown door,” “take this pizza to the house with the orange door and gray car,” etc. Just make sure to not take too long finding each house as it will irritate the customers.
  • After finishing that ordeal, save again. It is tutor time! In the back left of Othermart there are two job signs that ask for tutors. Make sure to avoid the park on the way, as we are not ready to start that plot yet. They are to teach Brent math, and Joy English. I say to save because the game will test your knowledge on these subjects and it is better to not mess it up. Each of these nets their own achievements as well. If you get a question wrong they will correct you, but try not to rely on that too heavily. This may be enough to earn their flower, but just in case we will visit them again each day.
  • There is also an additional achievement for quitting during a job. Any of the five that we just finished will do, but it is an easy miss. Especially after just getting the one for completing all the jobs.
  • Good job hard worker. Now you should have a lot of money. At this point I had $110 but that is okay if you have more or less. it is now time to return to the shops and do some spending. Buy all five CDs from Hobbeez to get the obvious ones out of the way. After that, head outside and give the Guitar Guy $30. He has a CD but will not give it to us until later. He will also play some nice songs for you in exchange for your help. Finally, spend the rest of your cash on fish. We will need six total, but I would advise at least getting two to finish our needs for the day.
  • Alright neighbor, now it is time to start earning the affection of those around you. There should be an old woman standing outside the house to the right of Joy’s who will ask you to pick up her prescription. Run to the pharmacy in Othermart and earn her flower.
  • Between the two tutor houses is Kim and Vance’s house, and their mom is outside looking for her shears. Help her out and earn her flower. The shears are just in the grass right by the house, you cannot miss it.
  • Go to the bottom right house to meet the Artist. Get to know her as we must interact with her each day. She will ask you several questions about her art, just agree with her until she runs out of dialogue.
  • The house next to Kel’s houses the American Guy. He is another one who we will be seeing each day, but our task here is to find the TV remote for him. On this day it is easy, just behind the couch. Be sure to grab the trash next to him for some extra cash.
  • Talk to the couple in Fix-It and help them to receive an invite to their housewarming party in two days. This nets you a flower as well as its own achievement when the time comes.
  • A bit behind the couple is the Gruff Guy, but we will be calling him the Pipe Guy. He is desperately trying to fix a leak, and invites you to come watch him do so. Follow him to his home next to the church in the bottom left of the map. Do not mind the four people walking to church on the street, we will see them later. Pipe Guy gives you a dollar for being present.
  • Now that is everything we can currently do. The last two things for the daytime are in the park so it is plot time! When you regain control you will have to walk Basil home before being able to do anything else. After that, return to the park to finish up the day activities.
  • By the sandbox is a girl standing with glasses. This is Mincy, another artist. She will appear in different areas twice a day and we MUST speak to her twice a day for her flower. After inspiring her she will start to draw. Mincy is also important because she can show you which time of day it is. For example, we know it is still day because she is in the park, and that it will be evening when she is no longer there.
  • Lastly is our little orange kitty friend. Found on top of the monkey bars is one of the biggest pains of this section. He must be fed twice a day. This is why I said earlier to buy fish. He is also responsible for getting us two CDs later down the line as well as his own achievement. But for now, he only gives trash.

Those are all the miss able quests for the first morning. Talk to the hooligans in the bottom right of the park to continue the plot until evening. You will be doing a decent amount of fights now. Don’t fret if you lose, as it does not matter. You also gain an achievement for losing to Kim and Vance, so be sure to do that. After the fight with Aubrey it will finally be evening.

Three Days Left, Evening

Now the morning sure was a lot, but thankfully none of the other times are nearly as taxing, as we did most of the big optional stuff already. As soon as you receive the photo album Kel will ask you to high five. It may be a chore but i suggest saying no then loading back to a previous save. This is because there are three separate high five achievements, and you cannot get them all in one run without save scumming it. It is most efficient to say no at first, let that one pop, and then load back and always say yes for the other two. This can be done at any point, but make sure you always end up saying yes as the last achievement is for saying yes every time. After that, we are free to do a few side quests not available during the day.

  • Go to the house next door to Aubrey’s and help the Clumsy Guy get his wedding ring out of the sink. For convenience sake, we will refer to this family as Sarah’s family.
  • Now go to Hobbeez, there will be a strange looking dad needing help finding a gift for his son. Bring him the video game on the table. Tomorrow is his son’s birthday, so we will stop by their house tomorrow evening.
  • Mincy is now in the produce section of Othermart. Inspire her once again.
  • The cat is now convenienty at Basil’s house. Where we need to go to end the day. Feed it and wrap up for the first day.

Two Days Left, Day

Welcome back! After today we will have at least started every quest, but the day will overall be pretty easy. Unlike the other two days, the American Guy is only available during the evening so we will not be bothering with him just yet. Kel has some errands to run, but I suggest doing a few odd jobs beforehand. We have done most of the spending that we will need to do, but I still suggest that you start by doing every job again to start the day. The tutoring jobs are NOT paid for today, but I suggest helping the kids on their work and letting them play just to be safe. Plus this provides some cute scenes. Once that is done, pay for as many fish as you still need. Just make sure you have four going forward. It would also be wise to stock up on first-aid kits, as we have an optional fight today we cannot lose. Pick up Kel’s orders and talk to Basil in the park. NOW we can start the optional activities again.

  • With your newfound riches, feed the cat on top of Sunny’s roof if you did not do so immediately upon exiting the house.
  • Heal up because it is time to fight! In the park there will be a beehive that we can disturb. While this is normally a bad idea, there is an achievement for doing so. It is an easy fight, just make sure to not come into it with one health.
  • Mincy is now in the Othermart candy shop. Halfway done with her now.
  • It is pipe time again. Talk to him in Fix-It and head back to his house. After a much more dramatic failure, a seashell can be found in the hole he made. Talk to the hole in the back of the house just in case.
  • The Artist has lost her dog. It is outside Kel’s house, return it and talk to her. She will give you a paint brush for your effort.
  • Go to Kel’s house now. But save beforehand as there are a few easily missed achievements here. Kel will take you up to his room, As soon as you regain control of Sunny, take the $20 that was in his wardrobe in the top left. Polly will be at the door and ask for your help. IMMEDIATELY head into the kitchen after she leaves. Look in Kel’s mom’s purse and take the pepper spray. We will be using this in a moment for another achievement.

Plot time again, head to the park and go to where Basil was to learn the location of the old secret spot. Here comes another fight where the odds are stacked against us. Good thing we have the secret weapon of pepper spray! Continue through the very dramatic scenes until it is time to leave. It will now be evening, so head to Basil’s house before we can continue with the optional stuff.

Two Days Left, Evening

After returning Basil home, Hero will have joined you. After exiting Basil’s house, Kel will offer his second high five. Again say yes for the achievement to pop tomorrow. Now we can finish up the second day’s errands.

  • Going two houses to the right will introduce you to the fashionable mom. She wants her son to hurry home from Fix-It with a new lamp and is growing impatient. Going and talking to him will allow you to buy one from the cashier. Returning to the mom will finish their quest and get their flower.
  • Now head next door to go to the birthday party we prepped for in Hobbeez yesterday. The son will not want to leave his room, but Kel will inspire him. After a heartwarming interaction, the dad will give you some cake, finishing their quest.
  • Return to your street and talk to the Mavrick outside of his house. Go in and find his twin siblings, doing so will assure their flower. They are finally found underneath the bed on the first floor. Also if you have a pet rock equipped you can clash against them. Their pet rock should ring a bell if you have completed Orange Oasis already in the dream world.
  • American Guy has lost it again. It is in the bathroom sticking out among the towels.
  • Now return into town and feed the cat in the tree outside Othermart. He will give you the arcade piece. Return this to the broken machine in Gino’s and a nearby customer will give you a CD as a reward, as well as let you play a new arcade game.
  • Mincy is in the back of Fix-It, INSPIRE!
  • Sarah’s parents are having anniversary trouble. Find her mom in Gino’s and tell her to order a whole pizza and break her diet. Now go to the candy shop and help her dad decide on a gift for his wife. Afterwards head to their house and watch them make up. Talking to each of them afterwards will give you a slice of pizza, and guarantee their flower.

That is all for day two. Head back to Kel and Hero’s house and have dinner and experience the rest of the night with no worries.

One Day Left, Day

After Sunny wakes up, it will be time for breakfast with your friends. Head to the kitchen and let the next few scenes play out. You will soon be guided to Aubrey’s house, and we will be going there first since we Hero will stop us from doing otherwise. After doing this the gang will be reuinited, Yay! Once you head outside you will be free to accomplish your daily tasks. Kel will want to Hi Five for a third time, and this should trigger another achievement. If you plan on fighting Recyclepath today, I suggest doing some jobs and stocking up on health items. After that we can start our final day for real.

  • First we will be heading to the American Guy’s house to find his remote for a third time. It is in a pie in his kitchen.
  • Next head to Sean and Karen’s to help them cook before their party. This does not finish their quest quite yet but is required for their flower.
  • Head down the street to the Artist’s house and she will ask you to find her brother, Angel. He will be at Hobbeez and will come home after you ask. Return to their house and she will give you a Rare Card as proof of all your help.
  • Going to Joy’s house and talking to her father will give you a small quest of giving the street musician a lunch box. Giving this to him will give you his CD as well as a letter to return to his father. I am not positive if this is required for their flower, so I suggest returning it anyway.
  • It is now time for the final encounter with the Pipe Man. He is at Fix-It as per usual and will head home after talking to him. I suggest before heading to his house you buy at least one flower if you had not done so yet, and enough fish for the last two feeding sessions. Helping him with the leak will reward you with a nice little scene, as well as a new CD and his flower.
  • While we are in the area, head to the church and talk to Mincy about her drawings.
  • For an optional achievement, head to the graveyard behind the church and have one last picnic with Mari. This can be done at any point during the last day or evening, but I found it best to knock it out here.
  • Going to the secret spot will house a lot of new stuff, as well as the cat’s current location. Feed him and pick up the trash in the surrounding area.
  • Enter the base if you wish to fight Recyclepath but he is not necessary for what we are going for. If you do wish to fight him, I suggest making a separate save once inside and stocking up on as many bandages and first aid kits as possible. It is a neat little dungeon that gives another achievement so it is worth checking out.
  • For a fitting extra achievement, go into your inventory and toss any snack or item you can. This will pop a littering achievement. This can be done on any day at any time but after all that recycling now felt right.
  • Even without the fight above, you should finally have collected enough trash to get the CD from the trash lady in the park. If you do not have enough, going into the small dungeon above can get you some extra, even if you do not complete it.

With all that out of the way, we have perfected our last morning! Our next plot point will be at Basil’s house. After a short scene the gang will want to go to Sunny’s house to see their old treehouse. Since we completed everything else that can be done, go straight there.

One Day Left, Evening

After the emotional scene it will be our final evening in Faraway Town. Now it is time to head to the park.

  • Once you have arrived, Mincy will be siting on the bench and will praise you for all the help you have given her. She will give you a sketch as a reward for your continued moral support. You can check it out in your inventory as well, it is very well done.
  • Here is where the achievements really start to pop. Returning to Mari’s grave will reunite you with the feline friend we have become so acquainted with. Feeding it will not only get the cat achievement to pop, but give us the last CD we need! Do not fret that it did not pop, all the CDs must be returned to Gino’s for that to work.
  • After Becoming a true Music Connoisseur, it will be time to party! Sean and Karen’s welcoming party will have begun, and we are invited. Entering their house will net you another achievement, but I would suggest talking to everyone just to make sure their flower triggers.

With all that done the only achievements we should be missing is the flower one. Return to Basil’s house and play out the finale of the game before finally completing our ultimate goal.

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