OneBit Adventure – Bloodknight Gladiator Build

In this guide I will explain how I play Bloodknight as a Gladiator. This is a Endgame Guide ment for Prestige 5 Level 110 characters. Classic Mode. How far i have come with this build…

My Gear


  • Max Crit Dmg Dagger – this is your main weapon for normal Gameplay
  • Max Knockback Sweeping Mallet – for situations where you might die, push away mobs or bosses


  • Gauntlet Helmet (50% Endure) – this is your main Helmet when playing normally, Endure adds a layer of safety
  • Defender Helmet (65% HP efficiency) – this is not needed and only helps saving health potions
  • Max HP Majestic Helmet – this is the helmet you use if you dont have a Gauntlet Helmet or think you play save enough to not need the Gauntlet Helmet


  • Rustic Chestplate with as many Extra coins as possible – if you have one then this is your normal chestplate
  • Gauntlet Chestplate (Double Ore and Quick breaking) – this is to quickly break objects in the overworld and mine, only use this in the overworld when you dont have a Rustic with extra coins
  • Brod Chestplate (Stewpot output +1) – when you have to brew items at the stewpot quickly swap to this
  • Majestic Chestplate – this is the chest you use if you dont have a Rustic Chestplate or dont want to collect many coins

My Skills

  • Base Attack+ (905%)
  • Lifesteal (5%)
  • Double Strike (100%)
  • Anarchy
  • Parry
  • Double Edge Sword
  • Sword Slash (150%)
  • Dark Slash (150%)
  • Health – Useless
  • Leech – cool but Useless
  • Bloodlust – cool but Useless
  • Perfect Combo – Can be used instead Double Edge Sword but i dont do that
  • Berserker – Useless
  • Coin Thrower – Optional

Ascension Skill Order

The Order of what to level, first to last.

  1. Knowledge
  2. HP Efficiency
  3. Coin Magnet
  4. Limit Break
  5. Item Magnet
  6. More Capacity
  7. Lucky Treasure
  8. Cooldown Reduction
  9. Mob Farm
  10. Dark Health
  11. Dark Damage
  12. Darl Evade
  13. Poison Reduction
  14. Stun Resistance
  15. Facing Fears
  16. Mana Efficiency


Quests I do:

  • The Revenger
  • Mysterious Dust
  • Clearing the Web
  • Learning Skills
  • Slimy Situation
  • Craftsman
  • Aggressive Death Notice
  • My FIne Collection
  • Annoying Flyers
  • Grave Digger
  • Building a Home
  • Chaotic Death Notice
  • Critical Challenge

Quests I skip:

  • Underwater Problem
  • Clearing the Mines
  • Trap Death Notice
  • Personal Hitlist
  • Poison Experiment
  • Trees Everywhere
  • Magic Duo
  • Boss Hitlist
  • Stopping the Curse
  • Purify the Underworld
  • Weak Death Notice
  • Death Notice

My Build


  • Normal Gameplay
  • Ruins
  • Mines
  • Underworld
  • Castle
  • Sentinel
  • Cobra
  • Mossy Hydra
  • Fire Dragon
  • Beholder
  • Eternal Wraith

My Quickslots

  • Small HP Pots
  • Big HP Pots
  • Smoothie
  • Purify
  • Antidote
  • Adaptive Eye
  • Majestic Helmet
  • Gauntlet Helmet
  • Defender Helmet
  • Gauntlet Chestplate
  • Brod Chestplate
  • Majestic Chestplate
  • Rustic Chestplate
  • Dagger
  • Mallet
  • Pickaxe

Facts On How I Play

Swap to a Mallet when dealing with Reapers if needed, you will 1 shot everything for a while so dont worry.

At Bosses if needed swap to a Mallet too.

Make sure you always have as much Anarchy as you can, BKs arent made to collect everything, they slash and go.

Have Parry up whenever u can too for another layer of Security.

Dark Slash is for Croud Control, Sword Slash to kill for example Reapers.

Both Skills are also useful at bosses because they do more damage than your main attack.

Morganas Buffs

If you plan on doing a long run, get these 3 buffs at the start:

  • Cooldown Reduction
  • Damage
  • Crit Damage

Damage Numbers

  • ~580000 Damage when attacking Monsters at 0% Anarchy
  • ~2320000 Damage when attacking Monsters at 300% Anarchy

With Double Strike it will be 4640000 Damage per turn when hitting monsters normally at 300% Anarchy.

This also applies to Parry.

  • ~890000 Damage when using Sword Slash at 0% Anarchy
  • ~3560000 Damage when using Sword Slash at 300% Anarchy

With Double Strike it will be 7120000 Damage per turn when using Sword Slash at 300% Anarchy.

This also Applies to Dark Slash.

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