OneShot – Game Crashes after Accesing the Second Computer?

So you started playing the game and after reactivating a generator and accesing a computer your game crashes with a wierd error. The problem itself originates from something from your computer not letting Oneshot.exe create a folder in your document folder.

I recommend trying these simple steps to make sure that your antivirus is not getting in the way.

Try This Fix

Step 1

Step One: Open your antivirus. Let’s assume its WIndows Defender; Go to the Antivirus protection against threats tab (Just under home), then click “Configuration Adjustments” (4th clickable option in my case).

Step 2

Step Two: Go to “Add or Remove Exclusions” and add the entire OneShot folder as an exclusion. If you do not know where the game is located, go to your library, right click and select “Local Files”, it will take you there.

Step 3

Step Three: Repeat step one and find the “Adjust controled acces to your folders”. If you had the crash recently, you should find it in “Block History”. In my case, Windows detected that OneShot was trying to edit my Document files and blocked it, so I gave him permission to do so here by adjusting that protection.


If you can’t find it here, you should be able to adjust it in “Letting an app acces a controlled folder” (Just under “Block History”).

Other Stuff That Might Help You

If you have multiple antivirus or you are not sure on how to let OneShot enter your document folder, you might have to disable them. Of course, In the case of ceasing to have any type of antivirus, I would also disable your internet connection just to be safe. You should also reactivate them as soon as you get the game working.

Did this not fix your problem? Then problably your document folder is heavily protected by some setting in your Folder Explorer (Or OS). Make sure that you are the Admin of the computer and that your Document/One Drive folders do not have any type of restrict access.

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