OnsenVR – How to Play with Oculus

Just a small guide to configure the game to work with Oculus as well as the button mappings (as they are found).

Guide to Play with Oculus

Getting the Game to Work with Oculus

You’ll need to switch the game’s compatibility to Windows 7.

To do so locate your game’s directory. Can be done by selecting the game in:

  • Steam > right click > select “Properties” > Local Files > Browse Local Files

Right click the game .exe and select “Properties”. Go to the compatibility tab and change compatibility to Windows 7 and Apply.

Now when you launch the game it should appear on your headset.

Oculus Controls

The game was clear designed with Vive in mind, so the controls are going to be a bit different than what is displayed at times. Past the menus, most of the moves work in game, though I have yet to figure out the non essential abilities like jump.


  • To scroll to each menu option you will need to Press In the Left Analogue Stick + a direction.
  • To confirm your selection, press the Left Trigger.
  • Y button will cancel out of that menu (if able).

In Game

  • Use Left Analogue Stick to move.
  • Press in Left Analogue Stick + Direction to sprint.
  • Left Trigger/Right Trigger to open/close each hand.

Tips for Punching

Working the Onsen will definitely leave you to prefer using weapons over fists, but if you have to use your fisticuffs then you may want to keep this in mind.

When throwing a punch, try to use your Left Analogue stick to move towards the target while punching. This will ensure a hit as without movement the target tends to not take damage.

Created by Bangledeschler

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