Operation: Harsh Doorstop – In-Game Photography Guide

A simple and easy guide for those who are looking to take amazing screenshots or wonderful in game cinematics on the game.

Guide to In-Game Photography

The Commands You’ll Need

Here’s a few list of commands that you’ll need for this job

  • ToggleDebugCamera

This command would make your character flies without the weapon viewmodel in the screen and you would be able to freely fly around the map.

  • slomo

This command would make everything slower, hence the name of the command, slomo.

To use this you’ll only need to add a number after the “slomo” command for example “slomo 0” which would make everything stops, “slomo 0.5” which would reduce the game’s speed to half which would be awesome for those who wants to make a cinematic video. “slomo 1” would return everything back to normal and the last thing is that you could use any number such as “slomo 0.2” or “slomo 0.7” or anything that you want.

  • showhud

This command would disable the hud completely which again would be pretty useful for those who wants to take screenshots or those who wants to make a cinematic videos. You could use “showhud 0” to hide the hud and “showhud 1” to show the hud again.

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