Orbital Bullet – Gameplay Tips and Tricks


These are some tricks and tips i’ve got after 50 hours. Probably not everything here is right, that’s just my experience, so if you have any suggestions, feel free to post them in commentaries.

General Tips

These are tips that apply no matter how you play:

  • Black crates with blue core inside give you ammo, it’s not obvious, but it works this way. This is the way you can have infinite ammo on bosses, so you no longer should care about your ammo.
  • Hold “S” when jumping on the enemy to make your jump lower, which means you will jump on enemy’s head with higher frequency.
  • NEVER trust DPS, especially when it comes to most of chargable weapons, these don’t count shots you may miss.


Weapons tier list:

Tips and tricks:

  • If you use sniper rifle, remember: it has infinite range. And if you have upgrades that increase your damage and critical chance the further bullet flies, always turn backwards to enemy, so it will fly all the way through cylinder until it hits them. This one is more of a general tip, but you will probably use it on Mercenary only, because this one is the only character at moment that gets bonus for using weapons with bullets.
  • If frizbee(active ability) hits shield, its duration will increase and all of its bullets will go down, not really useful, but definitely would help at some situations.


Weapons tier list:

Tips and tricks:

  • I’m not sure if i can come up with something at moment.


Weapons tier list:

Tips and tricks:

  • If you have a weapon with high firerate, just spam crouch button while firing it to spawn a lot of turrets, this is very useful on bosses.


Weapons tier list:

Tips and tricks:

  • Jump and roll as much as you can, this is the most safe way to do damage in most cases.

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