Orc Massage – How to Play (Getting Perfects)

How to Play

I think I got it. I’m getting perfects (despite the D bug). Here is how is done with vips:

  • – Target: Get as much GREEN hearts.
  • – How I do it? Ok, first let’s talk about our orc’s techniques:
  • + ‘Z’: It’s an ‘area hit’. This is: When using it, look at points with a whit circle, that points
  • will be affected too (less impact than the targeted one).
  • + ‘X’: It’s a ‘one target attack :P’. Only the targetd point will be affected, but it’s more
  • effective and quick than Z.
  • + ‘C’: This technique is to fix if you went too far (from purple heart to a cross). It’ll let you
  • to fix it.

I’m not sure if purpeled hearts give more points (in case that an ‘S’ rank exists) but i don’t think so as i’m getting ‘perfect’ bonus.

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  1. Somehow I managed to get straight A’s on the 2nd and 3rd girl, but not even a B for the 1st girl

  2. Seriously this should been in tutorial it just shows you some stuff giving no context whatsoever to what it’s supposed to. Will give the game another shot with this, since first time was getting on my nerves.

  3. Yep. I’ve give my tries and… stage ends when all spots go green hearted (even if you have stamina left) so, yes… green heart is the key

  4. I believe the purple hearts are worth less than the green ones. I’ve started to use the ‘area massage’ at the beginning to make the most of my stamina before finishing each spot with the ‘precise massage’.

    Purple hearts have gotten me some B grades but always A with all green.. aside from the Elf who seems to be locked on B no matter what as that was my first rank with her.

    I don’t think there’s an S rank. A ‘perfect’ score with a VIP client at heart rank 4 or higher gets you +100 to the relationship, which seems like the cap? Not entirely sure yet.

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