Orcs Must Die! 3 – Status Effects

Status Effects

Fire – Sets enemies on fire. Enemies who are on fire take damage over time.

Ice – Freezes enemies. Makes enemies brittle, taking extra damage from physical and ice sources of damage.

Stone – Not a damage type, stoned enemies, like frozen enemies, take bonus damage from physical, however not from ice. You can have a stoned AND frozen enemy for combos but the damage modifier wont be any better.

Physical – Base type of damage.

Lightning – Electrifies enemies. Upon death, electrified enemies explode doing damage in a small radius.

Arcane – Arcane damage debuffs enemy allowing them to take a flat additional amount of damage based on the damaging trap, to include the same or other arcane traps.

Acid – Causes enemies to take damage over time.

Some enemies also resist / take less damage from some sources.

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