Ori and the Will of the Wisps – Infinite Projectile Loop Guide

How to create an infinite projectile loop with portals in Ori and the Will of the Wisps (endgame).

How to Create Infinite Projectile Loop

Note: Credit goes to Quickglove


Welcome! In this brief guide, I will tell you how to make an infinite projectile loop in Ori and the Will of the Wisps. Keep in mind that this trick is for fun, and only works best in one location. Beware that this guide is useful only in the endgame, and contains some spoilers for the story.

How to Find the Best Place

To start off, you will need to get to Willow’s End, an endgame location. To get there you must:

  • Go to the Windtorn Ruins and (spoiler!) restore the fragments of the light together.
  • Go back to where the Silent Woods connect with the Windswept Wastes.
  • Go up and left into the Weeping Ridge.
  • Proceed through the Weeping Ridge into Willow’s End.

Once there, make your way through the area until you get to the location with Ori’s head on the map; you will not immediately be able to make it there if this is your first time in the area.

Be careful as there are many hazards around, including an enemy who is necessary for this trick (because of the projectiles); keep in mind that you will have to be on a wall, which is made easier by the Climb spirit shard.

What to Do for This Trick

Once at the location, there will be an enemy that shoots projectiles at you and portals lined up vertically.

To do this trick, wait for the enemy to shoot projectiles and then Bash them into the portal below (be mindful of where this sends you); once they go into the portal, they will be directed to go down vertically; because the portals are lined up this way, the projectile will keep looping (going into the portal below, then coming from above and going back down) as long as you do not Bash it or run into it.

Be mindful that as the number of projectiles increases, you will have less space to do this trick.

You can do this as many times as you want (though there may be a projectile limit) to get what is nearly a wall of projectiles.

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