Ostranauts – Starting Tips with Coffin Ship

Useful Tips

Note: Credit goes to veryinky

Basic starting tips:

  • There is a basic EVA suit in the 1×1 rack in the room you start in.
  • The toolbox includes 2-3 basic tools.
  • As you leave your apartment, turn on your worklight and put it in your hand.
  • Go south and turn on the switch to the door, beyond it you’ll find a crowbar.
  • Go back north and follow the corridor until you find ‘install’ graffiti, install the conduit where it points and grab the tool and knife from the rack in the room.
  • Continue on to the main area, to the north east there should be a room with terminals, chairs and dark grey bins, one of these usually have a tool.

Note: You can read more about the Safety Ship Design in the game here.

If you have the hacking skill (and a PDA) you can hack the doors to get their pin codes, giving you easy access to more tools, parts and crates.

If you have the money, buy an spacesuit air bottle, a drill and a grinder saw.

At your coffin, drop the air bottle. Travel to derelicts, with the goal of finding an O2 tank, an air pump and a O2 sensor. Place a floor outside one of your walls and install the o2 tank and the pump, linking it to the O2 sensor.

Until you have rudimentary lifesupport installed, exit the coffin by walking onto the inner airlock door without opening the outer one, waiting until it closes then open the outer door. This will preserve your ships O2. If your Coffin runs low on O2, bash the O2 bottle until it leaks and refills the Coffin.

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