Outlast – Door Glitch

Hello, in this guide I explain how the famous door glitch works. This is often used to shorten in speed runs or simply to explore the game!


Outlast is a good game that has been played a lot. Over the years, players have found a lot of Glitches and bugs. One of the most famous glitches is the door glitch. The goal here is to glitch on a door to run on the hit boxes of the walls. This trick is often used for speed runs to shorten.How does the glitch work?First we have to look at how to open a door in Outlast.

Open a door quickly

A simple mouse click with the left mouse button is enough to quickly open the door.

Slow and controlled opening of a door

The left mouse button is pressed for a long time. Here you can open the door slowly.

For the glitch we need to open the door slowly.

1. Close the door

It is very important that you stand so that the door opens in your direction.

2. Open the door slowly

It is important that you open the door very slowly.

3. Jump back and forth

After you have opened the door slightly, you have to jump back and jump forward again. You have to try to jump against the opening door.

The whole thing may take a few tries!

For What / Example?

I have a good example for what you can use the glitch. At the very beginning you have to climb through an air shaft. After a few minutes of play you will be thrown into the lobby. You can skip all of this with a single door glitch.

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