Outpath: First Journey – Useful Tips

Sort of tips but not alot.

Tips and Tricks

Its turnips just the tips

  • Food is good buffs you.
  • You can cook meat fish to get 2 damage 15% crit.
  • Berrys give 1 damage.
  • Orange 10% crit.
  • The turnips althouh raw food buffs dont last long +3 damage!
  • The berry bowl made at the table bench is +2 damage.
  • These buffs stack with eachother and you can eat alot of damage food to make buffs last long.

Placeing items is risky…

  • Since you can’t deleat stuff be carefull where you place items.
  • Only put harvesters on places with lots of land so you can clump them to make.
  • Farms for food items and stuff + collectors can be used to harvest materials from other building.
  • Dont put crafting stuff near harvesters/collectors.
  • Trust me you can get a high level skill for 10K credits that auto collects items.

Get the accesory of reduce crafting time

  • There is an item that reduces crafting time by 4-% per click get it and you can click alot to craft items fast.
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