Outpost – Best Layout for DPS

Learn how to deal up to 220 damage per second!

How Boosts Work

A common misconception I see is the belief that support towers, such as the flag and the torch, don’t stack. However, they do stack. What is more is that they stack multiplicatively.

This means that there is a huge benefit to stacking support towers.

The question then becomes, how do you deal the most damage per second? I had the answer to this, however as I was writing this an update came out. This update made range an actually useful attribute for towers to have. I will be updating this once I figure out a configuration that works best while taking into account the range of a turret soon.

The Math!

Below is a table displaying the various DPS’ of turrets based on the ratio of Gears to Steam Engines. I then multiplied the turret’s damage by their attack speed to get their DPS. The highest DPS’ are highlighted in yellow.

What Does This Mean?

The best turret is the shrine (the base you are defending). It has a maximum DPS of 200 when surrounded by 4 Steam Engines and 4 Gears.

The second best turret is the cannon. It has a maximum DPS of 67 when surrounded by 7 Gears and 1 Steam Engine.

This is great, because it means that one can have 9 maxed out turrets, dealing a combined total of 736 DPS.

The Layout

Now on to the actual layout. We want our shrine to be touching 4 Steam Engines and each Cannon to be touching by 1 Steam Engine. We then want to encase them in Gears. A diagram of this layout can be seen below.

Diagram Key

  • Grey/C – Cannon
  • Blue/S – Shrine
  • Yellow/G – Gear
  • Red/A – Steam Engine

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