OUTRIDERS – The Chrysaloid Guide (Boss Fight)

Boss Fight – The Chrysaloid

The Chrysaloid is a very large snake-like creature, with hulking arms, a weird mouth and stumpy wings.

When the fight starts, the creature will be behind a large rock wall with a small hole in it, however, the Chrysaloid will promptly tear down more of the wall to give itself more room to attack you.

The arena that you are in faces towards the massive beast, with small pieces of rock cover that are placed closer to the creature. There are also ammo boxes on each side of the arena, which you are likely to need as this boss has a lot of health.

The pieces of cover won’t be useful for most attacks, but when the creature draws breath, that means it is about to scream at you. The only way to dodge this attack is with teleportation skills or with the cover that is placed in front of you. Once you recognise the animation of the Chrysaloid pulling back to draw breath, it should be pretty hard to be damaged by this attack.

When you are as close as the cover in front, the Chrysaloid is likely to reach into the arena with its large arms and try to squish you. The area it will strike is indicated by the red zone on the ground. It will only use one of its arms at a time, but it will reach across as well, and you won’t be safe if you’re behind cover at those close rocks. Unless you need to be in close for its screaming attack or one of your skills, try to keep your distance so that you don’t have to worry about this reaching attack.

The Chrysaloid after a time will climb up the wall in front of you and throw rocks at you before coming back down to it’s normal position. The rocks are fairly easy to avoid, just make sure you are looking up to see where they are coming. They normally land in the further back ranges of the arena, so you can move forward during this attack pretty reliably for safety.

This is the extent of this first phase of the fight, however, the Chrysaloid has a lot of health. You will need to keep moving and pay attention to which move is coming up next to preserve as much of your health as you can for the next section.

Once you bring the Chrysaloid’s health down to half, the creature will become invulnerable until it has finished it’s current animation. Once it has, a cutscene will play which will throw you and the creature into a new combat arena.

This second phase of the boss requires you to move more thoughtfully around the arena, as now there is no cover up front, and the Chrysaloid has an unobstructed view of you.

The Chrysaloid will still attack by screaming, however, the boss will do this from a number of different angles, usually in a straight line with area on either side to get clear. This is normally easy to avoid, as there is a long lead in time from when you first get the warning on the ground.

The creature has a couple of rock throwing attacks at it’s disposal still. It may start launching rocks with one of it’s arms, or it may retreat a ways behind cover, before hurling rocks at you with it’s forehead. All of the areas that will be hit will be marked on the ground with red, so just keep sprinting and you should stay out of danger pretty easily. These attacks are also a good time to get some more ammo from the back of the arena.

If you get in closer towards the beast, it will raise it’s arm up and strike the ground, close to it’s body. As the Chrysaloid is so large, it’s best to stay further back and fight at range to avoid the danger of this attack all together.

The Chrysaloid may also climb along the edges of the arena, usually to do another scream attack from a different angle. Sometimes it may also clamber all the way around the arena, but it seems that it does not usually cause any damage with this attack, even if it gets close to the arena.

If the Chrysaloid has recently retreated back to throw rocks at you, and then it decides to retreat again soon after, then it’s time to get ready. Three Strix are about to arrive one after the other. This is a small arena to fight a Strix in, let alone three of them, so you are going to have to try to actively avoid their devastating melee attacks. When they arrive, use all of the skills at your disposal to take them down quickly. Their toxic and melee attacks are strong enough to take you down swiftly, forcing you to repeat this whole fight if you die.

If you are a close-range healer, this is going to be best opportunity to heal, but only if each Strix has recently melee attacked, or they are affected by a Slow or Ice debuff that gives you more time to get in and get out safely. Without those assurances, you will almost certainly lose more health than you stand to gain. You need to become proficient at taking out this group of three Strix, because there will be multiple waves just like this during the remainder of this fight.

Once the Strix are dealt with, it becomes a matter of continuing to stay clear of all of the attacks that you have seen so far, while also peppering the Chrysaloid with as many skills and bullets as is feasable. Use any vulnerability effects at your disposal to take down the bosses health faster. As you will have no doubt noticed by now, the creature has a substantial health pool.

Keep at it, keep dodging those attacks, attack once you are safe and save your skills for the Strix when you know they are coming up. If you can do that, then should be able to make it out of this fight alive.

With the brute defeated, it’s time to head back to your crew to make sure that they are still safe. Head to the rocks marked on your map to climb out of the arena.

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