Outward – Achievements from Enchanting

Enchanting Achievements

Magic Is A Science

Enchant your first piece of gear.

I recommend your first enchantment to be Thirst as it is used in another achievement and it uses a basic incense instead of a complex incense.

For this enchantment you need:

  • An iron weapon, Rondel Dagger, or Recurve Bow
  • 4 Chrysalis Incenses

The incense can be crafted with 2 Dreamer’s Root, which can be found all over the place in the Antique Plateau or at the layline in the Conflux Mountain (Definitive Edition Only), and an Ice Elemental Particle, which can be found in the Wendigo lair, Corrupted Tombs, Royal Manticore’s Lair, and around the Antique Plateau.

For Pillar Alignment it uses North Close, East Close, South Close, and West Close. New Players should remember that enchantment uses Cardinal Directions. It is not relative to the enchanting pedestal.

The Blood is Life

Discover the secret of Vampiric Weapons.

You need a weapon with the Thirst enchantment, see the previous achievement on how to get one, that is in the Quenched phase. To get to this phase you need to have dealt 17,500 damage, unless you enchanted the bow (15,000), or the dagger (12,000). Then take it to a Blood Alter. Blood Alters are found at the corners of the Antique Plateau, I typically go to the one in the mana lake.

You should note that spellblade builds will deal this damage faster as the enchant is looking at total damage which includes infuse spells. I believe this also extends to the Discipline boon but more testing needs to be done.

Pop This Cherry

Wear a full set of enchanted Virgin Armor.

If this armor works with your build I would look up the wiki to check which enchantment works with your build. Otherwise the cheapest enchantments for the set would be either Cocoon or Filter. They both use simple incense and it only uses 2 pillars so 1 elemental particle will get you 2 enchants.

For Cocoon you need 2 Chrysalis Incense and if you are following this guide you should know where to get the materials for this incense, otherwise look at the first achievement in this catagory. The pillar alignment is East Close, West Close.

For Filter you need 2 Cecropia Incense, which are made with 2 Dreamers Root and 1 Decay Elemental Particle, which can be found at the Jade Quarry, Dark Ziggurat, and around the Antique Plateau. The pillar alignment is South Close, South Far.

New players should be aware that enchanting gets finicky with the far pillars. A good rule of thumb is to stand just outside of the the enchanting pedestal in the direction it needs to be in, take a step, roll, take another step. If the enchant isn’t working put the far pillar back a little farther.

Ritual Experimentation

Enchant 5 pieces of gear.

This one is pretty self explanatory. You should have 4 pieces enchanted if you are following this guide, Thirst on your weapon, and the full Virgin Set. At this point you can use any left over materials you have to enchant another piece of equipment you have in your inventory.

You can also enchant another iron weapon with Thirst as its fairly cheap, or you can enchant your Vampiric weapon. Unfortunately, the only enchants you can use with Vampiric Weapons use complex incense.

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