Outward – Achievements from Replay

Achievements Gained From Replay

Master of Aurai

Finish all 3 quest lines.

This one is fairly self explanatory. However now with Definitive Edition new players should be made aware the Soroborean faction does not count towards this achievement.

If you want to finish them in a specific order I recommend The Holy Mission, as this gives you a lot of background on the worlds lore.

Then The Blue Chamber, as this fills in the gaps of lore that The Holy Mission leaves out.

Finally, The Heroic Kingdom of Levant, while this does give you lore that the other two do not it’s not to the same extent as the other two.

Gift From The Ancestors

Recover an item you stored in a Legacy Chest.

There are 4 Legacy Chests:

  1. Cierzo Storage, this can be unlocked after the Blue Chamber Parallel quest
  2. Vigil Pylon in Enmerkar Forest, this is a puzzle that I usually cheat at, after you get to the orb if it’s still closed, as it usually is for me, exit to the main menu and continue the game, this bug still works in Definitive Edition
  3. The Slide, To unlock this you just flip a couple levers
  4. Spire Of Light, pull more levers in the basement

Perfect Defense

Equip an entire set of Tsar Armor.

The entire set is the Armor, Boots, and Helm. This requires 6 Tsar Stones for the armor, 2 Tsar Stones for the boots, and 3 Tsar Stones for the helm or 11 in all. Its only possible to get 5 Tsar Stones per play through.

You can find Tsar Stones:

  • Beyond Ghost Pass near the Corrupted Tombs there is a grave that is intractable, you can either drink Gaberry Wine to gain the stone or coat your weapon with it to fight a ghost to gain it.
  • Complete the Arcane Machine in the Electric Lab in the Abrassar Desert.
  • Completing the Treasure Hunt quest that starts in the Ancient Ruins directly south of the Conflux Mountain.
  • Complete the lever puzzle in the Dark Ziggurat
  • Beat a faction questline with a perfect outcome

I recommend coordinating with a buddy to gain Tsar Stones in your own worlds and pool them together this way you can gain 10 stones in 1 play through. If you do this craft the Armor and Helm then put them both the gear you crafted and the extra stone in legacy chests. Then on your new character after gathering your gear from legacy chests and then make a bee line for the Ghost pass as that is the easiest stone to get.

If you do this by yourself it takes 3 playthroughs, with your 5 stones make the boots and helm, put both in legacy chests. With your new character make sure you make you take your previous character’s legacy then make a bee line to the Ghost pass gain the Tsar stone and put that in a different legacy chest. Finally make a new character with that characters legacy, so in your legacy chests you should have a Tsar Stone, Tsar Helm, and Tsar boots then you can gain your 5 Stones normally.

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