Overrogue – Easy Deck Builds

Here I am trying to give you some examples on what to put in your deck.


Note: Credit goes to WRX

What can you expect

I will start this guide with each Theme. Everytime I find a new good combination, I will add it to each part of the guide. I hope that at the end, there is at least a somewhat good alternative for each build. If you have suggestions put them in the comments!

Things you need to know

Before anything makes sense in here, you need to know, that every card can be upgraded. If you buy new packs in the store, each sticker will eventually upgrade something. The cards I mention might have + or not, depending if you need the upgraded version for this to work.

Theme #1

Best Cards

Bitter Resistance+

The best part about this card, is that you can also use the basic one and upgrade it while running the basic card. If you start out, always try to get this and than upgrade. It can only be upgraded once, but it is an insane card. You need to keep your deck small for it to get its full effect though. Try to keep your decksize below 10-12. That way you can ensure you can always heal your fighter in the front.

Abyss Slash

Trust me if I say, this card is great. You need to keep other “slash” cards in your deck for it to be good. Spears are pretty annoying. Keep the deck small, get high dmg “slash” cards and this will be insane. You get a 40% dmg increase on your “slash” cards when you play this card.

Spear of Spear

This card is basically the one card you need if you want to play spears. Spears are great for multi-attacks. Especially if you get rid of Sword cards. Because you can do so much damage with them. Combine this with Lost Spear for maximum damage.

Lost Spear

This card is great, but for it to actually work well, you will need to get Spear of Spear.


This card is just a great allround option for every deck. No matter what you play this can’t hurt. Fortitude and Swiftfoot +3! For the cost of 1 mana!

Grave Robbing+

Grave Robbing is a good card, but I prefer Grave Robbing+ because the mana cost is 0. And you need that to be 0, otherwise you will waste mana.

Mana Charge

No matter if you have Mana Charge or Mana Charge+, this card is just great. For every deck with high mana cost, this is essential.

Theme #2

Best Cards

Second Arrow

This is my first find for Theme #2, it works pretty well, but its a gamble.

You pretty much stack Second Arrow as much as you can and add Gemini Link and Doppel Ganger to it. The more Second Arrows the higher the chance you can fire it with 2 additional attacks. (Depending on how many Second Arrows get triggered).

Doppel Ganger+

I already mentioned Doppel Ganger, but the upgraded version comes with 0 mana cost. It is the most viable card for any deck, since you can copy ANY card.

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