Oxygen Not Included – How to Get Tons of Energy from the Volcano

In this guide I will show You how to construct an efficient geothermal installation around the volcano in game Oxygen not Included & how to get a lot of electricity and building materials from the magma volcano.


Dames & Heren, welcome to this complete new chapter of my guides.

Here you can find a true complete schematic for the geothermal/nuclear power plant based on the volcano. The guide is targeted for the advanced players: those who know all the basics in game Oxygen not Included.
As well you can find step by step guide how to build and launch this megastructure safe.

P.S I have been making this guide for about a month in my free time. I did it for You and for me free of charge. So please be respectful to me and to the others, and have fun…

General Shape

  • Using the asteroid gravitation to collect and transfer the hot magma from the volcano.
  • An infinite storage is using a “secret game feature” to store infinite amount of magma and to keep the volcano never clogged(see further).
  • 6 turbines and a lot of steam is used to convert the heat from magma to electricity(maximum output of 5100 W)
  • The controllable heat exchanger is regulating the temperature of the steam
  • The magma cooler is equipped with automated cleaning system
  • An option to locate the nuclear reactor inside
  • Completely automated no duplicants attention needed during the operation
  • Only start/pause button
  • Suitable for use as main power plant of the colony

Drawings and Schematics

  • 1) The size of the installation
  • 2) Piping diagram
  • 3) Automation system
  • 4) Gas diagram The gas in the pipes are not used during operation
  • 5) Conveyour shipping system
  • 6) Electricity

Building Sequence #1: Storage


  • From what to begin building?
  • How to build infinite magma storage?
  • How does the full storage work?
  • 1:26 – Three main functional parts of the plant.
  • 1:49 – The first step after you have found the suitable volcano.
  • 2:13 – Making the storage shape(What/where/why?)
  • 3:47 – how does the infinite magma storage look?
  • 3:51 – creating the hydro-lock & pumping out the gas(when/why?)
  • 4:10 – building automation for storage and analyzing the volcano?
  • 5:46 – when can we start using storage & what to do when the volcano is still idle?
  • 6:04 – how does the storage work & a secret trick to make it infinite?

Building Sequancy #2: Plant


In this chapter we will continue buiding the geotermal installation core(the heat exchanger), a little pipes, a few doors, some robominers and a lot of automation and then we will launch it to haven).

  • 0:50 – Building the magma transfer line
  • 1:54 – Building the heat exchanger
  • 3:47 – Constructing the steam pressurised storage
  • 6:22 – when to start vacuumizing the pressurised storage?
  • 7:19 – Placing of sensors
  • 8:19 – Pipes from/for turbines placement
  • 11:38 – building the “Magma core” cleaning system(shipping system)
  • 13:10 – AAAutomaaaaaaation built
  • 14:02 – The starting sequence
  • 15:55 – The useful secret of the construction
  • 16:59 – A hint of how to use the turbines wisely
  • 17:33 – after romoving this last tile there is no way back
  • 19:16 – Some explanations of how the automation work in each phase
  • 22:19 – Where is the button to pause the system?
  • 23:04 – advantages and disadvantage of the system
  • 24:41 – a reminder about making your own lovely turbine cooling circuit

How Much Materials Does It Cost?

Valuable materials:

  • Obsidian = 8700 kg
  • Ceramics = 16700 kg(approximately without saving on courners)
  • Steel = +-6000 kg(including automation )
  • Plastic = 1200 kg

Other materials:

  • Aluminium 3450 kg(exlculding turbine costs)
  • Refined metals
  • Oil or viscogel
  • Some raw minerals

Other Important and Very Important Information

In this chapter loates everything what I wanted to add about the guide but not in video:

  1. Use the drawings from this guide during your build order of this geothermal installation. Especially the one for automation system.
  2. The temperature shift plates(thermal plates) with the last game update(SweetDreams) got a hidden change of meta and they now under certain condition conduct the temperature even through the ceramics. I found it occasionally when I was finishing this guide. Thus they are NOT ADVICED to be inside the magma cooler position.
  3. The game balance meta changed with the logic gates and bridges. They now transfer the heat through the ceramic walls. and this is considered in this guide. But please be careful build logic gates in vacuum & dont play with magma without saving…
  4. Before making any serious step further in your project(like opening the volcano or pumping out the gas) think and save.
  5. If you are “a newbie” in this game(<1500 cycles) use this guide only for reference and don’t cry about obvious things that were not mentioned here.
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