Oxygen Not Included – Infinite Gas Storage Guide (Automation)

Method to use automation to sequence doors to make infinite gas storage possible, profitable and easy.

How to Store Infinite Gas

This is done by sequencing automatic doors. This is the sequence to move the gas from the deployment area to the storage area.

Gas Deployment Area — > Gas Storage

This method is guaranteed not to let any gas escape from storage area.

Circuitry to do it is here for your base control circuitry area:

2 Parts to the circuit – left part makes a single pulse when the input goes high to start the cycle. ONI circuitry has an intrinsic clock of 10Hz. It is desirable that the circuit is in control at all times so timings are important. This pulse is 1 cycle(0.1s) exactly.

The right part is the set of control blocks. The first Control block(topmost) the Filter gate should be 1 cycle(0.1s) less than the buffer gate to compensate for the pulse time(as above stated)(timing can be any value of choosing, for example 1.0 and 0.9 for filter). 

The subsequent control blocks can have any time as desired, both should be same time. This circuit type aught be able to generate any sequence on an arbitrary number of control signals and may be extended indefinitely.

The last one, the filter gate aught to be 0.3s(3 cycles) less than the buffer gate as the pulse control logic(the part on the left) takes 3 cycles to actuate. This way control is always maintained and there is no time when the control lines are in an indeterminate state.

Important Note

If using this circuit type to store gas, an unfortunate set of events may occur if power is lost, causing gas to be destroyed, for example gate sequence ||| |– |-| ||| will destroy gas permanently.

This may even be desirable in certain situations. However, to avoid this happening outwith design intentions, I strongly recommend having a smart battery logic somewhere that shuts the main circuit off gracefully if power drops too low.

And for the actual doors and control:

And here is me storing 300KG+ per tile of CO2:

I will not elaborate on the design further; those of the correct order of intelligence aught to make use of it and make similar or superior design of their own from diagrams provided. 

If ye mortals show interest, I may share more of my designs upon a day.

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