Fool! – Walkthrough

Walkthrough routes to get all 54 achievements in Fool! Introduction Fool! has 54 in-game achievements, 33 of which correspond to Steam achievements. Since I only consider a game complete if I get all the available […]


Slave RPG – Secret Characters

The names of the secret characters used in character creation to use the characters in game. Names and Descriptions Name: ArizonaRace: HumanClass: The RangerSpecialty: Carried ammo in player inventory will weigh less Name: CandyRace: HumanClass: […]


Unturned – Belgium Update ID List

Weapons Armstrike 9051Armstrike Magazine 9052Armstrike Scope (4x) 9053Magma Mere (Magma Sword) 9047 Foods Beet Root 9048Beet Root Stew 9049Sprout 9054 Seeds Beet Root Seed 9050Sprout Seed 9055


BattleTime – Farming Gold

Information While playing mission 14 on the hardest difficulty, I realized that no matter how long you wait, the AI, will not be able to take any more buildings and progress towards you allowing you […]