Paint the Town Red – How to Set Up ReShade

How to make PTTR look a lot better, in just 20-30 minutes!

Downloading ReShade

You can download ReShade at official site.

In the installer, click on “Browse” and navigate to your PTTR install folder (you can find it by right clicking on the game in your steam library, hovering over “Manage” and clicking on “Browse local files”.

Select PaintTheTownRed.exe and click “Next”.

In the rendering API menu, choose “DirectX 10/11/12”

For presets, you can either install my preset (find it in the “presets” section of this guide) or just click skip if you want to make your own.

For effect packages, just select all of them (this can be done by pressing “Check all” top right of the installer.

After installing ReShade, we’ll need to fix some issues in the ReShade config, so go back to the game’s install folder and open “ReShade.ini” with your preferred text editor.



And set both of those to =1. After that, it should look like:


Setting It Up In-Game

Now for the fun part, setting ReShade up in game. Open PTTR and you should instantly see it compiling effects on the top of your screen:

Wait a bit for it to compile, then press “Home” to open the menu. It should open up a tutorial, but it’s bad and dumb and that’s what I’m here for anyway so skip it.

To start, navigate to the settings tab and make a keybind to toggle effects.

Then, go to the effects tab and just start experimenting. No real way to go wrong here, just pick what you think looks best to you.

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