Palworld – All 50 Tech Levels and Their Unlocks

All 50 Tech Levels

Since I haven’t seen it posted yet, here is all 50 Tech Levels and their unlocks. May do the Paldeck in the Future as well as think its complete.

Level 1 to 4

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Level 5 to 8

Level 9 to 12

Level 13 to 16

Level 17 to 20

Level 21 to 24

Level 25 to 28

Level 29 to 32

Level 33 to 36

Level 37 to 40

Level 41 to 44

Level 45 to 48

Level 49 to 50


  1. How did you get so many technology points? I’m also level 50 with every fast travel unlocked but I’m missing like 50% of the tree. Was it those High Grade Technology Manuals? If it was, how did you get so many, I haven’t found a single one in literally 50 hours. I know what to kill/catch to get them but I just haven’t gotten any.

  2. This is one of the few data points currently missing in the community, need an infographic combining it into 1 image and a spreadsheet lol. I want to do an analysis on mounts yesterday and had to enter the game and scroll through my tech tree for data points

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