Palworld – Beginner Tips & Tricks

A comprehensive guide, covering important stuff from optimizing pal efficiency and crafting unique gear to catching diverse pals, obtaining your first flying mount, and conquering bosses for Ancient Technology Points.

The Right Pal for the Job

Choose your pals wisely to optimize their performance at your base. Each pal has specific tasks they can independently accomplish.

Check their descriptions to ensure they can effectively use the facilities you’ve built, whether it’s fueling a Furnace, managing items at your Ranch, or mining for Wood at your Logging Camp.

Path Assistance for Pals

Pals can sometimes be a bit clumsy. To prevent them from going hungry or getting stuck on terrain, remove and respawn them at your base.

Build walls, floors, and stairs to guide them and avoid drift-offs. Keep an eye on your pals to ensure they navigate your base smoothly.

Organizing Your Resources

Managing storage is crucial in Palworld. Items can weigh you down, so utilize barrels and shelves at your base to store resources efficiently.

Items stack infinitely, making organization easier. Place storage boxes strategically near generators like Logging Camps and Stone Pits for seamless material management.

You Can Catch Bosses and People

Surprisingly, Pal Spheres work on almost everything. From boss monsters to human opponents, use Pal Spheres strategically to make powerful allies.

Yes, even Merchants can become part of your team. Be creative and expand your party in unexpected ways

You Will Need More Ore

Ore is a vital resource for crafting, but mining can be time-consuming. Place your base near an ore spawn for easier access.

If you overlooked this, be prepared for frequent ore mining trips. Efficient ore management is key to crafting essential items in Palworld.

Pals Level Up at Your Base or in Your Party

Even if your pals aren’t actively fighting, they can still level up. Pals at the base earn experience by completing tasks, while those in your party gain constant experience during exploration and battles.

Utilize spare party slots or place pals at your base to ensure they grow stronger alongside your main team.

Craft Pal Gear

Discover the versatility of Pal Gear through the Pal Gear Workbench. Equip unique gear for each pal in your party, enhancing their abilities.

Once acquired, Pal Gear automatically applies to the corresponding pal, allowing for exciting possibilities like using Foxparks as a flamethrower or riding Rushoar. Ensure your pals are geared up for any adventure!

Catch More Pals

Don’t settle for just one cool pal – expand your collection! Continuously catch new pals to receive experience bonuses for catching multiples of the same kind.

Beyond the experience boost, there’s a chance to find pals with unique passive abilities, making them exceptional partners or workers.

If your pal collection becomes overwhelming, the Meat Cleaver offers an interesting way to manage it.

Nitewing: Your First Flying Mount

In the initial area, capture the Nitewing pal to gain your first flying mount.

Unlock new possibilities as you soar through the skies, providing a significant advantage in exploration and expanding your capabilities in Palworld.

Beat Bosses

While Palworld lacks a defined story, your primary focus should be on building a productive base and defeating bosses.

Each conquered boss rewards you with an Ancient Technology Point, which can be used to acquire valuable items like Egg Incubators.

To experience the full breadth of Palworld, challenge yourself to take down all the bosses and unlock the game’s potential.

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  1. Fly around , get loads of Eggs.
    Hit level 16 and head to the volcano or Ice regions – open chests.

    You can have hyper and giga spheres at level 16, Golden keys, Upgraded armour and weapon schematics … etcetc

    I’ve completed the game , Only missing a couple of Pals and seen every one of them

    Final tip , there’s 3 wildlife sanctuaries (they are BIG constructs off the coast of the main island) , those sanctuaries have very nice / Rare Pals on them.

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