Palworld – Best Egg Route

Best Route for Scorched / Dragon Eggs

Highly Recommend for any Early to Mid-Game Players!

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Typically get around 2-4 huge eggs per run, typically takes around 15-20 ish minutes on a base Vanwyrm.

Gotten 3 Huge Dragon Eggs from this route (least common than scorched I find). I’m Currently Incubating 2 of the them but the first one hatched a Jormuntide Ignis, not sure the chances of that but I’m aware of powerful of a pal it is, certainly not shabby at level 19 haha. Enjoy!


  • A few eggs haven been left out for efficiency (Mainly around the large stone pillars)
  • If Early Game wait until you have Vanwyrm saddle (Flying is far better)
  • Dont aggro the pals around the route if low level!
  • Both the other Dragon eggs hatched as Ignis, most likely based of location.

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