Palworld – Breeding Guide for Newbies!

Breeding Guide for New Players

TL;DR: In the game, focus on breeding any Pals with desired passive traits to create a Pal with a combination of four specific passives. This method is much faster and reduces the need to catch specific Pals for breeding. Until the end game, the exact Pals used for breeding are mostly irrelevant.

For those new to breeding after 30-50 hours of gameplay, avoid obsessing over perfect pairs or optimal routes. Instead, use any Pals you have to progressively breed a Pal with the desired combination of traits. Once you have a Pal with the right traits, breed it with a Pal that can evolve into the final desired Pal, like Fenglope. This approach is generally quicker than following specific breeding paths suggested online.

Example: To breed a Fenglope with traits like Lucky/Swift/Runner/Nimble, start by combining any Pals with these traits step by step until you get a Pal with all four. Then, find a simple breeding pair to evolve this Pal into Fenglope.

This strategy is effective for all Pals except those in the end game and makes it easier to transfer traits later in the game. Remember, this fails only if you don’t have any Pals with desirable traits, which is unlikely.

Endgame Guide: For those aiming for perfect IVs/passives on all Pals, follow these phases:

  1. IV/Passive Hunter: Catch a legendary and a lucky Pal, any tower boss, and hunt for 100 IV Chikipis & Blazamuts.
  2. Perfect Pairs: Breed Chikipis & Blazamuts for perfect IVs, then cross-breed legendary and lucky Pals with a dungeon boss for a legendary and lucky Chikipi. Pass these traits to Blazamut and breed until you get a compatible pair of Chikipi/Blazamut.

3-9. Subsequent Generations: Continue breeding to pass traits across generations, focusing up to Gen4 as they are crucial for later generations. Breed combinations in each generation to achieve the desired Pals.

By following this method, you efficiently breed Pals with the desired traits and IVs, streamlining the breeding process.

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