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Cattiva is a Best Pal

So I am sitting here with my Digtoise. Wondering how I can maximize the amount of iron I can carry. Gets old to hold on to so little ore when I am thinking to myself…there’s gotta be a way to carry more.

Then I realize; Cattiva passive: Cat Helper “While in team, Cattiva helps carry supplies, increasing the player’s max carrying capacity.

Cattiva Increase your carrying capacity by 50 units.

But then I am thinking… this could be better. Not bad if you have 4 on your team, with the Digtoise, that’s an additional 200 units. Would the devs allow this to stack? Surely that would be too OP. No, they do stack lol.

So 200 Units. That’s fine. But it could be better, no?

Pal Essence Condenser.

In short the Pal Essence Condenser increases the star by 1, but what does that do? It increases stats, but also their partner stat.

So if you 1 star the Cattiva, it increases the carrying capacity by 10. Not a lot, but not bad. 4 stars would be an additional 40 Units. So in total 90 Units. In total; 4, 4 star Cattivas would increase carrying capacity by 360 Units. Now that’s nice.

The only problem with all of this…? That’s 464 Cattivas to sacrifice. O_O Bring it on baby.

Just thought I would throw this out there or if someone else had been thinking about this? Maybe not; loving this game so far!

Hope maybe this helps someone if they are looking to increase weight loads for farming heavy loads.

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