Palworld – Dedicated Server Potential Fix for Players Reset Bug

How to Fix

So here’s a guide for if you get the following problem: Some players (or all players) have lost all their progress and start over again with a new character at lvl1. What’s most likely is that the server somehow lost the link between your player account and the in-server player data, and luckily this is possible to fix for the server admin (in my experience).

The weird thing is that this somehow also happens mid-server when it’s on, but it happens most often when you restart a server (which sadly is almost required cuz of the insane memory usage). Here are the steps I take that work for me:

  • Turn off server.
  • (Optional, but REALLY recommended) Create a backup (Best is to backup the folder /Pal/Saved) by downloading it and storing it somewhere.
  • Navigate to /Pal/Saved/Config/WindowsServer (or LinuxServer) and open the file GameUserSettings.ini
  • Go to the line (approx line 7) “DedicatedServerName=SOME_LONG_COMBINATION_OF_LETTERS_AND_NUMBERS”, and remove the part after the = so that it becomes “DedicatedServerName=” without the “”, and save the file. Save the part that you removed here, you’ll need it later in step 8.
  • Turn on the server again.
  • Join the server with your Palworld client, create a new player asap, spawn ingame, and once you’re ingame, then leave the server again.
  • Turn off the server again.
  • Return to that “DedicatedServerName=” line in GameUserSettings.ini (like you did in step 3 and 4), and this time change the value after “=” back into that long ID you saved in step 4 so that you have “DedicatedServerName=SOME_LONG_COMBINATION_OF_LETTERS_AND_NUMBERS” (without the “”) again.
  • (I’m not sure whether this step is actually required or not, but it keeps the files clean) This time go to /Pal/Saved/SaveGames/0, and delete the folder that does NOT have the same name as that long ID you saved in step 5 and reused in step 8. This long ID is your world after all. If you accidentally deleted the main world folder, then I hope you made a backup in step 2 so you can recover it.
  • Now start the server again, and join the server.
  • If you joined the server and you see that it’s not fixed (so you still don’t have your old player data back), then repeat step 1 to 10 (you can skip step 2 however).

For some reason this has always worked for me, but not always directly. Sometimes it works directly, sometimes I need to redo everything a few times and then it works again. It’s really weird.

Hopefully this helps anyone!

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