Palworld – Fix for Pals Not Fighting

Potential Fix for Pals Not Fighting

Like many have pointed out, at a certain point in the game pals just do not want to battle when thrown out to combat an enemy. They almost get stuck in an animation loop. It seems to be amplified during boss battles. I may have found a fix.

I had 2 bases with 15 pals at each. One is my main base and one is an ore gathering base. I thought maybe all this, plus me out exploring and battling was too much for the game AI in its current state. So I put all my pals back into the box and removed all structures from just my ore base, except for the pal box (so fast travel to this spot was still possible).

My main base is still fully functional and operational with 15 pals. Doing this seemed to solve the battle freeze problem. I just mine the ore at my second base myself when I need it. I was able to play all night last night with my pals battling bosses and world enemies without an issue.

Obviously they need to pause for a bit when their attacks are on cooldown so don’t confuse that with the bug.

It isn’t the greatest fix in the world as you loose multi base functionality. But I would much rather mine some ore manually if it means my Pals fight like I want them to.

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