Palworld – Good Ore + Coal Location

Guide for Everyone Struggling for a Good Ore + Coal Location

  • Coords: 268, -221

8 Ores up top, 6 coal nodes down bottom.

I know the “best location” is around 190, -45, but somebody already has that claimed in my server so this is the second best option minus the nightmare.

But this is the best I could do, was an absolute nightmare building this with the lack of pillar system to connect two separate foundations – Here’s hoping the game devs really improve on the building mechanics.

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  1. Yea, I would really love to be able to snap foundation pieces onto roof and stair tiles as a start.

    That way we can build these multi level structures as a single connected building instead of trying to perfectly line up the new foundation piece from the wonky third person camera view.

    I love making buildings like this, but it’s a nightmare to try and line it up.

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