Palworld – Guide to Pal Traits

Pal Traits

Which jobs your Pals may complete for you are determined by Palworld’s Pal features, such as random Pal bonuses, skills, and work appropriateness traits. It’s critical to recognize your friends’ advantages and disadvantages so you can assign the appropriate Pal to the appropriate duty, regardless of whether they join you in combat or remain at your Palworld headquarters to gather supplies.

This tutorial on Palword qualities will assist you in comprehending the various Pal features and their applications.

Pal Traits Explained

Each Palworld Pal comes with individual stats and stats that belong to their species. If you select a Pal in the Paldeck, you will see a list of skills, stats, and other Pal traits. Here’s an overview of what they mean:

  • Partner skill: a passive skill that belongs to the species. For example, a Cattiva’s ‘Cat Helper’ Partner Skill increases the player’s maximum carrying capacity while in the party.
  • Work Suitability: the highlighted skills determine which tasks this Pal may carry out (more on this below).
  • Food consumption: determines how much the Pal eats.
  • Active skills: active combat skills (attacks), determined by species. A low-level Pal only has one active skill, but a high-level Pal can have up to three active skills.
  • Passive skills: passive traits that influence the Pal’s work or combat abilities, in a good or in a bad way. Unlike the active skills, the passive skills are randomized and therefore different for each individual Pal. For example, a Pal with the ‘Runner’ trait has more movement speed, while a Pal with the ‘Coward’ trait deals less damage

Pal Work Suitability

Work suitability stats are the same for each member of the same species. If you place a Pal inside your base, it will automatically start working on tasks that match with its work suitability skills. For example, a Lamball will craft any unfinished items at your workstation for you, thanks to its ‘handicraft’ trait.

Here’s an overview of all work suitability traits in Palword, and what they do:

Work Suitability TraitEffect
KindlingCreate food or items by heating campfires, ovens, and cooking pots.
PlantingPlant seeds for farming.
HandiworkCraft items and build structures.
LumberingGather wood from trees.
Medicine ProductionCreate medicine at a medicine workbench.
TransportingTransport goods around your base.
WateringWater plants for farming.
Generating electricityPower generators.
GatheringCollect crops created by farming.
MiningMine stone and ore.
CoolingCool refrigeration devices.
FarmingDrop items when assigned to a ranch.

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