Palworld – How to Stop Pal from Getting Stuck

Useful Tips on How to Stop Pal from Getting Stuck

Many of you may be familiar with the issue of Pals getting stuck on top of trees, roofs, and other structures.

This becomes apparent when they start expressing hunger due to their inability to find a way down.

I’ve observed that each time I fast travel to a base, the Pals are respawned, often ending up on top of the workblocks they were previously engaged with or on random structures like the palbox or the silo.

Preventing Pals from getting stuck on top of the chopping tree workstation:

  • Construct a roof over the chopping tree workstation to prevent Pals from getting stuck.
  • Begin by building wooden walls and the roof, and then add the wood workstation last.

Avoiding Pals getting stuck on roofs:

  • Ensure every building has stairs leading down from the roof, despite the potential aesthetic concerns.
  • This mitigates the issue of Pals spawning on top of roofs and being unable to descend.

Addressing Pals getting stuck on top of the silo:

  • Apply a similar approach to the wood working station by building a roof first, followed by placing the silo underneath.

Managing multiple Pals of the same type more efficiently:

  • Assign clear names to each Pal to facilitate easy identification.
  • When encountering a stuck Pal, checking their name helps distinguish between those that are stuck and those that are not.
  • This practice streamlines the process, preventing the need to go through all Pals to find the one in distress. Penking 5 is doing great!

Some Additional Advice:

  • Clear all trees in your base, and put foundation or an item over their spawn point. You don’t need trees, and can just use a logging site if you need wood. Clear the way for progress and civilization; the ones outside your palbox perimeter are good enough for aesthetics.
  • Make sure all buildings with ceilings are at least two walls high. This is especially true if there’s a box/cooler/forge inside that they might step on top of. If a bigger pal’s head hits the ceiling while stepping over an item (penking for instance), they’ll get stuck there unless you either pick them up or destroy the ceiling to free them. Some pals even require a three wall height, such as Suzaku who flies too high off the ground, and a super-sized Relaxasaurus can need at least four height to be safe and all your doors need to be double-width (generally just easier to not use boss-version Relaxasaurus as workers). Tailor your base to your pal’s needs, or tailor your pals to what your base can handle.
  • Be careful in how you level your foundation along the perimeter. Pals like to walk around on break, and they tend to follow the baseline. If the circle leads to a sharp corner, they’ll get stuck there like idiots, so make sure there are no sharp corners along the blue circle. This is especially easy to do with the ranch which pals love to get stuck behind.


  1. I can never seem to put stairs connecting the foundation to the ground, is there a special way to do it? Keeps saying it’s obstructed

  2. What about when they take one step over the blue line on flat ground and can’t figure out how to step back inside it?

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