Palworld – Leveling Guide

You’ve come to the correct site if you’ve been searching for the best way to level up in Palworld. Everything you want to understand the leveling system is available right here, along with some really helpful hints and techniques to level up more quickly.

How to Level Up in Palworld

In Palworld, almost everything grants you experience, which makes it shockingly simple to level up while simply playing the game. Power leveling is possible, but it’s not required, and getting too advanced too soon may cause a mismatch between your level and the resources you should be able to access. Apart from that, the following actions might help you get experience:

  • Capturing Pals
  • Defeating Pals
  • Defeating Syndicate Members
  • Finishing Dungeons
  • Protecting your Base from Raids
  • Picking up materials
  • Crafting items at your base
  • Exploring the world

How to Level Up Fast

The biggest thing you can do if you’re looking to level up fast in Palworld is to select your world, select “Change World Settings” and then change the difficulty to Custom, and select “Custom Settings.” From here you’ll notice that the third option in these settings is EXP Rate, and you can move the slider up to 20. Do so, and you’ll level up at an incredible pace.

Outside of that, the best way to level up is to do the things that get you experience, but also make sure to catch 10 of each Pal for a sizeable EXP boost, and to make sure you’re catching new Pals and getting into fights a lot as well. Doing all of this should lead you up to level 50 at a far faster rate than normal.

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