Palworld – Mods That Fix the Game

How to Fix the Game with Mods

Pals getting stuck, running back and forth to the food box, hungry, starving, and generally not doing the higher priority task in the base…. all not fun.

Thankfully a modder that goes by xTeh has put together some mods that alleviate all of that on PC until the devs push a proper no-collision fix for some pals.

If you are clueless on how to install mods and make changes to configs I would watch a few youtube videos on it and use a mod installer like Vortex. Hope this helps some people because it made my game experience so much better.

I am using these 3 mods together and have had no issues for hours of gameplay now. It is exactly what we needed!

Stuck Pal Rescuer – Note: As of 2/11 at noon EST you will need to change line 59 of the main.lua of this mod to read

if move:IsValid() then

I changed the move requirement to 500 instead of 250 because some pals walk in a tiny circle while idle and it was not being triggered (ie: Anubis). And I have it set to respawn all my pals at the box every 20min no matter what, which helps to reset them to the highest priority task available most of the time.

Hungry Pal Rescuer – I set the check interval to 60s and the have eaten check to 45s. That way there is no chance of a loop at all and it limits the impact of checking all the time.

Force Pal Feeder – I prefer to set this to 75% and left the suggested eat time of 5s in the settings.

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