Palworld – Pals Are Always Starving Issue

How to Fix My Pals Are Always Starving

Pals getting stuck is my usual issue. Some pals are more prone to this than others (Surfent was really bad for this, I’d even find the stupid thing on the roof of my house).

Obviously you can minimise this by building a nice open base with few obstructions. Still happens on occasion, but when all other factors are accounted for you know a pal that stays hungry for a while almost invariably means it’s stuck.

Also I’m not sure about pals’ eating AI, do they eat until full or just until not hungry? If it’s the latter, a low grade food like berries will mean they make a lot more trips to the feeder, and mean “hungry” is going to pop up a lot more frequently.

The staple foods I keep in my feeder are jam-filled buns (berries + wheat), marinated mushrooms (mushrooms + berries), and omelettes (eggs + tomatoes). All very easy to make in large quantities, all significantly better than ordinary raw or single ingredient foods. That’ll likely get another addition once I level up enough to farm lettuce too.

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  1. +1. Had this problem with the crusher. Turns out it gets used from the back. That might have been obvious (didn’t look too close at the design), but on the other hand, you’d think they’d have flipped it so the accessible part faced the initial build position.

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