Palworld – Rare Pals from Eggs

Rare Pals from Eggs

Wanna get rare pals early and don’t wanna farm for high tier pal balls. Just get a flying mount and fly around the high level areas.

Mossanda forest has a large amount of verdant eggs, the fire area far west of the plateau of beginnings has blazing eggs, and the ice area in the north north west of the map drops ice eggs.

Since they’re late game areas they drop large and huge eggs more consistently. As long as you don’t stay near an aggressive pal or human they won’t attack.

You might need armor for hot and cold for some of the areas. Got 4 late game ice pals from one trip to the ice region, 5 from the fire, and 4 from mossanda forest.

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  1. These kinds of early egg runs are a great low effort way to set yourself up for breeding some rare stuff. The Scorching and Frozen eggs in particular open up interesting pathways to reach a bunch of rare pals as long as you get a few rare hatches from Large and Huge eggs.

    If you can find a Huge Scorching Egg and you’re lucky, you can hatch a Suzaku from it, or even a Jormuntide Ignis.

    If you go to the Cinnamoth Forest, you can find some mid level Helzephyrs, around 25 I think is the lowest you can find there, but I managed to capture one at I think level 16 by just being persistent and whittling it down. You could also get a Helzephyr from a Large Dark Egg I think.

    Suzaku + Helzephyr = Astegon the Ravager of Stars.

    Jormuntide Ignis + Helzephyr = Menasting the Unstoppable Stinger

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