Palworld – Reassigning Friends Data Over to Steam from Game Pass Worlds

How to Reassign Friends Data Over to Steam from Game Pass Worlds

This assumes you’ve already grabbed your saves from the game pass version.

Have each friend join your world.

Convert Level.sav and all player.savs to json

For Friend A lets say, Find their old and new IDS typically only the first 8 digits matter (Something like df17b664-0000-0000-0000-000000000000).

(You can do this by converting the .sav to json).

So lets say Friend A’s old id was:


And his new ID is:


You would want to go into the old one (df17b664) and replace every reference to df17b664 with EA3EE048.

Then go into Level.sav and do the same thing (there can be 100’s if the world is a decent age).

(I open it in vs code and ctl + f and then ctl + h | Level.sav will be too big to replace all)

Convert the .json back to a .sav

Copy the new .sav and rename it to the old player ID as well (just to be safe, not 100% how it all works yet)

So your new .sav file should be named:

olduserid-0000-0000-0000-000000000000 (just to be safe)



(Note these are the same exact .sav file just different names).

Boot up the world and have them join to test. (I do one at a time to ensure nothing broke).

(Only thing we’ve experienced up to this point is fast travel spots having to be found again on the map for players who weren’t the host of the gamepass world).

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