Palworld – The Best Starter Pals

Here you can find out which Pals offer you the best start in Palworld.

Introduction and Background

The optimal starter in Palworld cannot technically be defined exactly, as players have no Pals at the beginning and have to catch one themselves instead.

To do this, you first bring it to its knees before hurling a Sphere at it. Nevertheless, there are several Pals you can find in the early game that are suitable as starter choices.

Given the potential difficulty of obtaining Palworld Pal Spheres and Paldium Fragments, it’s important to know how to use the precious Spheres most effectively.

Recommended Starter Pal

An outstanding starter Pal in Palworld that you can catch early on is Daedream, the floating dark spirit. Daedream only appears at night, but they are often found on the map, and their glowing purple heads make them highly visible from a distance.

Daedream is therefore a great starter, as he is an extremely versatile and useful Pal in battle. It uses ranged attacks that rarely miss, and due to its type, it deals increased damage against the vast majority of starting, low-level Pals.

Further Recommendations and Conclusion

As a second option, I recommend getting Foxparks. These also stand out from a distance due to their fiery tails, although you may have to go a little further to find them.

They also often have type advantages in these early stages of the game, and because of their range, they tend to take less damage or get stuck less on Palworld’s world geography.

Finally, I recommend catching a Tanzee, the green monkey.

Not only is he a viable fighter in the early game, but Tanzee also have a variety of abilities that make them really helpful as ground workers, especially when you need a pawn.



Have your fun!

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