Pandemic Express – Zombie Escape – How to Play as Zombie

Things You Should Know

  • You are faster than a human.
  • You can grab humans.
  • You can punch teammates to push the further to the human.


  • You can not grab a human if they have a shield.
  • You can not grab a human if their underwater.
  • You can’t grab someone multiple times in a short time (means you gotta wait a second till you can grab them).

Why can’t I Kill Anyone?

You see there’s pro players. And it’s become harder to kill people cuz they can use melee to kill you instantly if they get lucky. They are more experienced than you and know how to move around. (This isn’t a guide on how to move around). Or their in a group.

How to Kill Humans

  • Now you can’t just go to them and hit them rapidly. Cuz then the second hit will do small damage. And not a full heart.
  • You can see when you can hit them by a full heart.
  • If they have a stop sign above them you shouldn’t hit them. Cuz it does small damage.
  • If the signs gone hit them.
  • Try to jump around them. Cuz they can melee you.
  • If they have guns then the best tactic is to thrown them into the water.
  • If their in water they cant shoot. And that makes them easy to kill. But if you throw them theil be off the radar. So you gotta find them in the water.
  • Some pros can get from the water in 2 seconds.
  • If theres a health machine throw them away.
  • If their really a pro. And is killing everyone. Try to grab them. And thrown them away of the zone.
  • If they have a rocket launcher and their not on the train. Make them use the rocket launcher by sacrificing your self so they cant use it on the train if their alone.
  • Or grab them and throw them away as far as you can.

On the Train

If alot of people are on the train. Its really hard to win at that point. But there is a way. You can go in quickly and throw off people. And then kill them while their separated when you threw them. If their close to the train the train will stop.

Good job… Dint work? Tactic 2. Throw a barrel they should fly away. Then go for the hit. Nice… Dint work? Again? Man these are good players. Hmm. Oh a conductor. If he appears use him. (Explained in the conductor section).

Class – Mimic

The mimics disguise ability is not that helpful if there alot of players. You can fool them but if you detonate yourself they can just knock you back.

Mimics are used as normal bombers. Some stay in their spawnpoint detonate. Jump off and kill players. But sometimes and usually doesnt work cuz they knock you back up.

Try to jump where its a short jump. Or in an airdrop vent.

Class – Phantom

When your a phantom you can turn yourself invisible.

Try to get on the train. And when your visible hit someone or throw someone. Or if a group is chaing a player you could go invisibly and be next to them.

Class – Conductor (Boss Type)

The conductor gets 1 player if the human team is doing good
its a boss class. The conductor has alot of health. Can survive a couple of rockets.

When he hits he smashes the ground and everyone near the radius gets a little thrown away. When on train you could help your team and throw everyone. The conductor has no knockback. But is always on the map.

When Encountering a Sock Boi (Ones Who Got the Mask)

When you encounter a boy like this:

Then that means he was on the leaderboard. If he was on the swarm leaderboard. Then their probably a normal player as a human.

But if they were a human leaderboarder. Then their experienced. I mentioned people can escape in water. These are the people. They know what to do when a mimic is next to them. But not all of them are like this.

If you do see one then the water might work for a second. If your at the beginning try to get them. But youl probably get ended cuz a punch from a player can take a heart. So be cautions near sock bois (sock boi is a meme in the discord cuz it looks like a soc).

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