Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous – Storm the Shield Maze Walkthrough

Storm the Shield Maze Walkthrough

Head east until you come across a doorway that you can squeeze through. On the other side, open the next door and then loot the two chests, be prepared since you will fight against the Baphomet Cultists and Neophyte Wizards. Head right towards the hallway and disarm the trap here, and then take another right where you’ll find a room that has a Lore: Religion skill check. From there, proceed north that will take you to a larger room that has a dining table in the center of it – make sure you explore it before going east which will lead to the flooded basement.

Next, go north and eliminate the Hand of Hosilla and Neophyte Fighter. You’ll also find Hosilla’s orders that will help you by acquiring a tip regarding the maze. Make sure to check the locked door by using a torch as a lever. This reveals a back room that has the Crypt Raider’s Armour. Still at the basement section, before continuing forward, make sure to buff your team and then head south, followed by east where you’ll encounter a battle against a Large Water Elemental. After you defeat the elemental enemy., check the west corner to find a crate which requires a skill check of 10 Perception, inside it you’ll find the Flow of Water Ring and the Amulet of Natural Armor +1.

If you go southwest of the map, you’ll find a Corrupted Mongrel Brute, kill the enemy and loot the body to find a Ring of Protection +1. Now in the northwest room where you’ll see some dining tables, you’ll find an Inspection check that will reveal a torch which is actually a switch. Interact with it and check the back room, and then go west into the long hall. Once you’ve found the cultists, open the door in the corner with another torch lever.

Now, in the next room, eliminate another Hand of Hosilla and then loot them to find Hosilla’s Key. Next, go east and make sure to prepare and buff your party if needed since you will encounter a Medium Earth Elemental. Simply defeat the enemy and inside the room with the statue of the horned demon Baphomet, interact with the torch-switch to find a Half-Plate. From here, enter the west room, defeat the Cambions and solve the puzzle which is at the corner of the room.

Move towards the northeast, past the room that has a pentagram in the center, then unlock the door that’s in the large room which is at the north side of the room with the beds and then head up the steps. As you head up, make sure you prepare and buff your team since you’ll fight against the demon Savamelekh and his followers. At this point, if you’ve previously sided with Wenduag, Lann will appear and assist you but he won’t return to your party, on the other hand if you have Lann in your party, Wenduag shows up and helps – simply defeat Hostilla and the rest of the enemies.

After the battle, you’ll learn that both Lann and Wenduag are actually servants of Savamelekh and you will need to make a choice of who you want to join your party. It is recommended that you go with Lann since he has better stats and at a later part of the game, you’ll still be able to recruit Wenduag. Anevia and Horgus Gwerm then shows up and you’ll receive the Cultist’s Dispatch which is a helpful item that can track down the cultists (this unlocks the quest, Spies Amidst Our Ranks). From here, your next task is to return to Kenabres where you can also complete one of the side quests, Gwerm Family Secrets – simply head up the stairs and then you’ll find Irabeth there, speak to her to progress.

Shield Maze Puzzle

There’s a puzzle in the torture chamber. In order to open the door, you need to activate the sigils in the following order:

  1. Yellow,
  2. Blue,
  3. Red,
  4. Yellow.

And behind that door you can find Radiance, a Masterwork, Cold Iron long sword. Click on the image below to enlarge the map.

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