PAYDAY 2 – Izhma Crit Anarchist Build (DSOD)

This build focuses on raw damage and room clearing at the cost of health. This is my and my brother’s version of the old IZHMA Meta build that everyone used to run.

Anarchist + Tips and Tricks

Note: Credit goes to B⁧⁧seth

The reason you use ANARCHIST is because you need to be at low health for berserker aced:

  • With Berserker ACED , Overkill aced, when you land a headshot you 1 shot every non special enemy on DS without berserker its 2 headshots
  • The Doland’s Horizantal leveler barrel extension on the IZHMA REMOVES Vertical spread which allows you to headshot an entire room in one spread pattern
  • Anarchist has synergy with Berserker aced since it converts health into armor
  • If you deal damage to an enemy you gain 30 armor back (even though it says 10 you get 30) Bullseye aced has synergy and gives back even more armor
  • You also get 2 seconds of invulnerabilty if your armor breaks (15 second cooldown)
  • Use the fire DOT on your grenade to regain armor or make a suicide rush since it also stuns
  • Use the HE judge to destroy shields and bulldozer face plates
  • You use 2 Doctor bags because with Nine lives aced you get 32 downs total which is 192 seconds of swan song (if all 4 players bring 2 doctor bags you get 128 downs which is 768 seconds of swan song)
  • 2 Doctor bags on OD give 16 Total downs which is 96 seconds of swan song and with 4 players bringing aced doctor bags its 64 downs with 384 seconds of swan song

IZHMA Shotgun

  • 000 Buckshot
  • Short Barrel
  • Donald’s Horizantal Leveler
  • Stability or Team boost
  • Auto fire trigger
  • Hollow Handle
  • Compact laser module
  • AK rubber grip
  • No Sights
  • Skeletal stock

HE Judge

  • HE Shotgun Shells
  • Kings Crown compensator
  • Stability or Team boost
  • Compact laser module
  • No sights

Buzzer Melee

Use this To stun charging cloakers

  • Stuns for 3.5 seconds

Incendiary Grenade

  • Stuns targets and puts a DOT on them
  • Deals 30 damage within a 5 meter radius
  • The DOT deals 250 damage every 0.5 seconds for a 2.1 second duration (750 total damage)
  • Panic will then be applied for 4.3 seconds. (Cloakers and Bulldozers are immune to this effect.)

Skill Trees

A video that shows the build in a match:

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