PAYDAY 2 – Stoic no FAK Build [DS+OD]

First of all I have to say, if you never played Stoic Perk deck before, I recon you should try a different Stoic build first that does feature First aid kits (FAK’s), because otherwise this Build may seem horrible for you at the start. This Build requires level V-100.


Inspire ace of course, reached with either medic bags or First Aid Kits (FAK’s), depending what you prefer. However your deployable should not be both of those, only if you really need to take healing deployables. Convert skills and Hostage Taker for HP regeneration.


Iron Man aced for a big amount of HP. Ammo bags as your supposed deployable to bring.


Just Steady Grip for better accuracy and stability.


Minor Parkour skills since you already get movement from converts. High Value Target ace to kill dozers and other specials out of a more far range. Optical Illusions in hopes less enemies aim you.


Since this is a Stoic build I have come to not die often if even in a heist, so I see it as a waste of skill points to go for nine lives ace. Also lets not talk about swan song or something… Its useless.


Primary weapon I prefer to use is any DMR-Kit Rifle such as the Car4 or AMR16.

I already use ammo bags for the rocket launcher, so why not bring a high damage primary weapon as well that needs some ammo from bags.

I do however go for an LMG sometimes but only if I know I will have ammo issues if I used a DMR weapon during a heist (especially when it comes to like overdrill or any other longer heist).

Mods for the weapon is the DMR-Kit of course and basicly the best accuracy and stability you can go for (AMR16 has actually better stats than the Car4, but I like to use it considering I fell in love with that skin).

Now with the Commando Rocket Launcher is where you will do the most damage output.

Best way to do so is with the help of Bulletstorm skill ace (after taking ammo from an ammo bag will give you infinite ammo for a short time depending how much ammo you took from the bag) and while having at least 1 rocket in the magazine to not get an unneeded reload. With that you are able to get up to 15 seconds of spraying that Commando. Just be sure you do not hit your teammates.

Melee does not really matter what you use, I like to bring tasers.

Throwable is self explaining I guess?

Tips from My Side

Main way I deal damage with this build is with the Commando while I have my flask, after I used the flask I instantly go in cover again to avoid getting overtime damage. Overtime damage is the main problem you will encounter with this build, since you do not have FAK’s to deal with that. Long story short do not go in any open fields while cooldown on the flask. However you can overcome this problem with the Commando with well shot rockets to gain the flask again quite fast (1 kill reduces cooldown by 1 second).

The Commando should be used to kill crowds of cops within seconds, while the primary should be used against Bulldozers and just single cops running around where the Commando is a waste to use against.

Biggest threat for you are cloakers and tasers. If you die somehow, be sure you search up cover instantly and try to regenerate HP from Hostake Taker after you got revived. You can increase this by using the flask in the right time after getting damage. That will give you more HP.

Always try to have a spot where you can go in cover, regardless of the situation. You need this to have a safe spot to gain the flask again and get rid of overtime damage. Without this you are guaranteed to have a spot in the custody.

The End

I have many more builds that I showed in a single video, including this one. But I did not really go in detail with the builds so I though about making this guide. After all this is my main loud Death Sentence build and I want to share it in a better way. I have also included a bit of a montage at the end of the video (16:35) here:

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